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Change religion

PostPosted by Godofmosquitos » Sat Sep 30, 2017 18:04

I've been wondering how to change religion in this mod. Using normal rules, getting a red priest or a similar of Valyrian orientation to visit me seems hopeless. Are there any types of events I might trigger somehow, to get the Valyrians/red priests to come to me, and/or to concert to their religions?
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Re: Change religion

PostPosted by reythekid » Sat Sep 30, 2017 19:52

you can change the religion using the console commands.
Pretty easily too...
I think it's religion (religion you want to switch to goes here) (character ID goes here)

No need for the brackets. But it'll end up looking something like, religion the_seven 999011784

Not sure what the rule is on posting links, but check the CK2 wiki, all those console commands work for this one. Then there's a .txt file breaks down the religions
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