Disabling mega-war means no vassal levies during war

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Disabling mega-war means no vassal levies during war

PostPosted by Godofmosquitos » Tue Oct 03, 2017 20:36

If you start a new game, and start in A Clash of Kings, disabling mega-war doesn't work. Even if the empire doesn't fracture, I cannot raise any levies from my vassals. I've tried starting a new game a couple times, but to no avail. I'm thinking it might be because the game starts with mega-war enabled on that start-point? With all the factions of the seven kingdoms divided over the civil war?

Is a fix possible for this? If not, it becomes rather hard to play as Daenerys if you're not into mega-war :/ Which is awesome, cause, dragons.

Edit: I solved this. I have to learn to read descriptions more carefully. My bad :)
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