War score capped at 99

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War score capped at 99

PostPosted by Kk15 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 04:39

Was playing as Balon Greyjoy and began my invasion of the north. I avoided the bulk of the northern army and successful captured alot of provinces including winterfell and even held almost every Stark (except Robb and his sisters) but couldn't enforce a peace. I pulled up a warscore and it said it was capped at 99 no major battle victories. What gives? I can occupy almost the entire north but can't win? Mean while Robb loses against the Lannisters and I'm back to square one.
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Re: War score capped at 99

PostPosted by salatrin » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:49

You have to win 1 major battle against an enemy to get the 100%, A major battle being, one that gives you at least a war score of 5.0% or more, or wait 3 years from start of battle to get 100% (or just capture the Lord your attacking for a quick and easy victory)

I beleive there is also a certain percentage of the persons total lands that you can occupy that will make him say screw it i quit and offer you surrender himself but im not 100% sure on that (and if so it pretty high depending on how high a rank the person is your attacking)
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