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factions and fear mechanic

PostPosted by ghostone » Sun Oct 08, 2017 01:59

There are way too many faction wars and ruler switches. In the cob bookmark starks get instantly deposed, as the hoares in the aegon's conquest. Tyranny is too easy to get, and in my games half of the rulers are tyrannical. As a result, there is a constant loop of factions wars.

One way of solving it, I believe, would be making this fear/respect modifier easier to earn. Like, give every new ruler a standart of 3rd level respect and then add or remove respect points according to traits. For instance, imbecile/slow/dull/weak rulers could get a significant debuff, while genius/quick/shrewd/strong ones could be buffed. Furthermore, the actions like executing traitors and putting down the rebellions should give much more points. Putting down one major rebellion and executing couple of powerful traitors should give enough points to get 5th level of respect for life.

Also,is it possible to add the 'tall' trait into the strong/weak line? Like, tall being the ultimate one with the greatest buffs. And women's duel stats could be nerfed a little. Like being a female would automatically give -2 duelist. To avoid strong women being equally strong with the strong men. Brienne is considered huge, but the Hound, being roughly the same size, is just a strong man.

Finally, could you, please, add some holding slots to the sorrows (the greatest and most populous city of rhoynar) and make it capital instead of nymeria's seat. And Old Volantis could have the final slot too. If you choose to make it your capital as Aegon, you get new barony of Dragon Hill as your seat, I believe. Thus, making it impossible to build a proper valyrian temple for good old blood valyrian ubermensh beyond the black wall.
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