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[RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

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A Total Conversion Mod for Crusader Kings II

Download A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1 (Windows exe): HERE
Download A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1 (Mac / Linux / zipped files): HERE

Checksum: FHQN
Compatible with: CK2 1.091
Warning: This is a BETA version, so it might (in fact, it will most likely) contain bugs and unfinished features!

Official submods:

  • NB+ / New Borders: Nicer borders. Check the thread to see comparisons, or get it here.
  • R+L=J: SPOILER ALERT. If you don't know what the title of this submod means, you don't want to download it.
  • Advisor Fix: Fixes the annoying overlapping advisors bug. Unfortunately, it will only work for non-widescreen resolutions over 850 pixels in height.
  • Free Realms: All Lords Paramount are independent. Also includes three scenarios where all duchies are independent instead.
  • Vanilla Mechanics: Brings back some aspects of vanilla gameplay, such techs and buildings. Fully compatible with Free Realms.

    The installation procedure for the mod has changed! The mod files must now be copied to the /mod subfolder in the same Paradox/Crusader Kings II folder as your saved games. Windows users have been provided with an installer that performs this function automatically, while Mac users can find detailed installation instructions here.

    Make sure you delete your old mod files before installing or unzipping the new version! Yes, this includes the ones in the old mod folder.

    In a land where summers last for years and winters last for decades, nine great families struggle for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Take control of a noble house, from the Starks of Winterfell to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, and win the Iron Throne!

    But remember, winter is coming.

    Patch Notes
    A simple compatibility update for CK2 v1.091. We simply focused on fixing as many bugs as we could in the short time between this release and the last one.

    Patch 0.4 Notes
    This release comes pretty quickly on the heels of 1.09, but it's no mere compatibility update. And no, Essos isn't in either. What we do have for you is a ridiculous amount of new content. Seriously, our changelog for this thing is six pages long. Here's the highlights:

    • Airborne duels between dragon riders
    • A new scenario to show them off - the Dance of the Dragons
    • A second new scenario, the Conquest of Dorne
    • New Loyalist factions that make civil wars far more balanced, and factions far less of a pain
    • Several new features surrounding sexual politics, including stillbirths, abortions, and a brand new system for secret bastards
    • Our very own original soundtrack, courtesy of the extremely talented Aurelien Benharrats

    Full changelog below.

    Code: Select all

    Main features:
    - 1.091 compatibility.

    Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
    - Revised trial by court somewhat. They are now overseen by the Castellan. You can also now overturn their decision at the cost of tyranny.
    - Added an event where the King on Iron Throne can demand exiled pretenders from his vassals who are harbouring them.
    - Optimised event where a claimant to the Iron Throne is granted a claim on Kings Landing.

    Character setup:
    - Added more house traits for the character creator.
    - The Starks, Robert and other people who were wronged by King Aerys now have the vengeance opinion of him, rather than being rivals.
    - Lord Garin Wells no longer has two children called Eleanor.
    - Lord Gerold Dayne no longer has two children called Arron.
    - Fixed a Peake having a blank name.
    - Richard Horpe's Lord brother is now older than him rather than younger.
    - Fixed Corliss Penny being a Wensington.
    - Daenarys is now widowed from Drogo's death.

    Province and title setup:
    - The New Gift is now called North Road before it becomes part of the Nightswatch.

    - Added is_patrician = no to realm_decisions/tournaments.
    - Added a 2 year cooldown on commanding vassals to stand down.
    - If an unlanded character wins a siege their liege is now granted the prisoners gained.
    - Removed the period events along with the -1000 fertility modifier for children.

    Graphics and portraits:
    - The overhaul for the Dynasty Coat of Arms is nearly finished.
    - Gave Orys back his CoA.

    - Moved some more dynasty trackr flags to be set in the history files.
    - Blackwood/Bracken event is now on_birth.
    - Tywin can no longer reforge Ice until the Starks are defeated.

    - Added "is_alive = yes" to job martial / tutor children. In testing a dead child gained swordsman levels.
    - If the Grandmaester successfully flees imprisonment he wont now simply be sent back again.
    - Fixed bug where allies of victorious Kings in independence wars werent becoming their vassals.
    - Removed WIP 'gain crownlander vassal' plot accidentally added to the build.
    - Fixed the conditions to allow you to establish oldtown as your capital in The Conquest.
    - Fixed vanilla pride event that referred to your Maester.
    - Fulfilling the become spymaster ambition now improves your intrigue rather than stewardship.
    - Fixed some bugs concerning secret bastards and Moon Tea mechanics.
    - Your descendents will no longer be imprisoned if you win a siege where they are located.
    - Fixed bug where you could execute your backed claimant if their relative was your enemy.
    - Fixed problem where if you pressed all claims you wouldnt win claims that were owned by the enemy's vassals.
    - Greatly reduced the supply limit/attrition penalties for provinces dragons have been used in. This should prevent disappearing armies.
    - Added some more checks to the 'I am a prince' event, so hopefully it shouldnt spam.
    - The owner of Dawn can longer get the 'obtain valyrian sword' ambition.
    - Added some checks to warden events, to stop inexplicable spam for Eddard.
    - Fixed bug where if the leader of an indep faction died (causing the war to end inconclusively) anyone who delcared themself King wouldn't be revassalised.
    - Fixed the independent Vale bug.
    - Fixed the Rose and the Lion event not working in ACoK.
    - Fixed problem where Loras Tyrell wasn't going back to Highgarden on Renly's death in ACoK.

    Version 0.4

    Main features:
    - 1.09 compatibility.
    - New Original Soundtrack, composed specifically for this mod by the talented Aurelien Benharrats (http://www.aurelien-b.fr/).
    - Added Liege Loyalists and Crown Loyalists factions.
    - Added dozens of new CoAs and Flags.
    - Dragon Duels!
    - New scenarios: The Dance of the Dragons and The Conquest of Dorne
    - Completely reworked secret bastard system.

    Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
    - Added stillbirths.
    - Women can now drink moon tea as a contraceptive.
    - King on Iron Throne can now plot to revoke crownland titles off LPs.
    - King can now issue mega war punishments after faction wars for feudal elective/gavelkind/lower crown authority.
    - Added some generic events where rebel leaders can exact justice on the King and his family/supporters after a mega war.
    - Added events dealing with the Most Devout and election of the High Septon.
    - Added a NW 'First ranger wounded' flavour event.
    - Added a decision to show owners of dragons and dragon eggs. Moved all such info decisions to the bottom of the panel.
    - Readded the Summer Islander invasion events, after some adjustments.
    - Added the Skinchanger traits "Dog" and "Brownbear" complete with events to assign them. Fixed some errors in the Skinchanger localisation.
    - From now on, every girl will have to wait for their first period to be fertile and get married.
    - Added an event for Tywin to reforge Ice into Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper.
    - Added an event to buy a valyrian steel sword.
    - Added an event for AI dragon riders that spawns them into a small army if they are not fighting during a war.
    - Fixed the claim dawn decision not being usable by the AI (it was a dynasty_decision for some reason).
    - Added AI only decisions to split blackfyre/darksister and ice/longclaw up.
    - Fixed the rescue prisoner plot. Captor now recieves an ultimatum rather than an instant declaration of war.
    - Optimised the traditional dynastic claims events.
    - Added an event that disbands units spawned for AI dragon riders.
    - Fixed the master-of-arms sometimes training himself when training your children. Also generally revised the action, mainly adding a negative event outcome.
    - Updated the dynasty trackers to use the new dynasty_flags (hopefully since there are far less 'any_dynasty_member=' this should boost performance).
    - Added a lore child event for Daenerys.
    - The Maester can now be sent to do his job actions even if the events cant happen, to avoid confusion.
    - Added the option to reject all presented candidates for the kingsguard.
    - A widower will now target an appropiate character according to their sexuality/gender when 'seeking solace in the arms of another'.
    - Revised the coronation events (less spammy, more accurate localisation).
    - When someone surrenders to a dragon conquest their vassals are now informed.
    - Updated the various CK2+ plots.
    - Added a warning to the family requests title event about tyranny, also revised options/ai chances slightly.
    - Events that previously gave a tech bonus now give an alternative bonus.
    - LPs can now crown themselves King during an independence war.
    - Smaller AI lords will only join an independence war if a higher tier neighbour has joined, and will swear fealty to them upon victory.
    - Maesters can no longer convert populace.
    - Removed CK2+ old age events which arent in CK2+ anymore.
    - Updated tyranny and dishonour mechanics from CK2+ (including dishonour now applying to plot assasinations).
    - Added the option for the King to disable alerts about lesser lord's actions in a mega war.
    - Only King, LPs and northern lords will be sent a call to arms from the Night's Watch now.
    - Non-landed characters with the Septon or Septa trait now gain it as a minor title.
    - The random priest that can be generated via event 3021 is now a female Septa, and always of the Faith of the Seven.
    - Maesters are now banned from being a possible champion in trials by combat.

    Character setup:
    - Extended Nights Watch title history to cover all 300 years, using a combination of canon characters and non canon based on the shield's Jon describes as having been in the Shield Hall.
    - House Moreland added to castle Goodgate in Drox Castle.
    - House Doggett added to castle Viewpoint in Silverhill.
    - House Clifton added to new level 1 castle barony Fair Keep on Fair Isle.
    - Added missing Crackclaw Point dynasty Hardy with ancient history to castle Strongcliff in Rook's Rest. Includes historic Hardy member of the Kingsguard.
    - Added the houses Forrester, Woods, Branch and Bole to four counties in the Wolfswood, complete with ancient history and flags. Made the Glovers High Lords and made all four their subjects.
    - Extended Magnar of Thenn family history to cover 300 years, making Thenn playable at every bookmark.
    - Added character histories for House Moore, House Bettley and House Deddings.
    - Added ancestor history linking Gerrick Kingsblood back to King Beyond the Wall Raymun Redbeard's younger brother.
    - Added House Deddings to Gravesham.
    - Created House Peat complete with ancient history and gave them the barony of Gatehouse Tower in Moat Cailin.
    - Changed House Draupaud into House Garrew.
    - Changed House Tamm into House Blackmyre.
    - Added House Graymarch in post-Robert's Rebellion Westford.
    - The Reeds will now get unlanded courtiers from Houses Cray, Greengood, Quagg and Tamm.
    - Some additions to Targaryen history: Added Dark Sister history, added traits for Aenar the Exile, Daenys the Dreamer and Gaemon the Glorious, added lover opinion between Aegon and his sisters.
    - Reynes can now get the Lannister lion nicknames.
    - Added the valyrian swords Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper.
    - Added Lord Celtigar's Valyrian Axe.
    - Sansa now follows the seven from the time she arrives in King's Landing.
    - Added DNA for the Redwynes, who are all ginger.
    - Tybolt Hetherspoon and his daughter Melara are courtiers in Tywin's court.
    - Gareth Clifton married to Jayne Farman.
    - Ormond Osgrey now goes to the Wall when he is stripped of Cold Moat, his son inherits Standfast.
    - Lucamore Strong becomes Lord Commander after being sent to the Wall.  Still regains Kingsguard trait on death for historic reasons.
    - Added Gerrick Kingsblood's mising daughter.
    - All Dothraki should start in the Khalasar rather than random westerosi locations now (unless they are supposed to be in another location).
    - Added 2 daughters of Daemon Blackfyre.
    - Set Dany's guardians (so she isnt tutored by aurane waters).
    - Made Tyene Sand white and Sarella Sand black.
    - Added Maester Caleotte.
    - Doran is now estranged from his Norvosi wife from the time Quentyn goes to the Yronwoods.
    - Quentyn is now a ward of Lord Yronwood.
    - Clifford swannis now a brother rather than a son of Gulian (its mentioned he doesnt have a third son).
    - Martyn and Willem Lannister are now twins.
    - Revised House Toland to conform with the latest winds of winter preview.
    - Added Jayne Ladybright.
    - Added Edgar Yronwood and revised the house to account for him.
    - Melisandre is now zealous.
    - Orys Baratheon is now legitimised from the time he gains the Stormlands.
    - Edited employer history so that from Blackfyre Rebellion onwards the Stricklands serve in the Golden Company. "Gold for four generations."
    - Harry the Heir succession should now be fixed (as far as paradox succession allows at least), also gave him some dna.
    - Moved Kettleblacks to Petyr's court before they arrive in KL.
    - Aerion the Monstrous is now banished to Lys from the appropiate date.
    - Added Victarion's wife that he beat to death, gave him the widowed rather than celibate trait after her death.
    - Updated Rhaenyra's husband from house Strong and 3 sons who died in the Dance.
    - Baelor now locks his sisters in the Maidenvault once he is king. He is now both a lunatic and a paragon of virtue.
    - Petyr Baelish's unlanded ancestors are now employed by House Corbray and House Arryn respectivly.
    - Added legendary characters Queen Nymeria of the Rhoynar and Mors Martell, founders of House Martell.
    - Raised a bit Joffrey's stats, as he was too close to Robert of the Vale.
    - Padded out historical Arryns and Tullys with siblings.
    - Added Ser Artys Arryn and the Griffin King to Vale history.
    - Fixed error where all historical Volmarks worshipped the Seven.

    Province and title setup:
    - Baelskeep is now called Midlor Keep before the Baelish family acquire it.
    - Adjusted Beyond the Wall provinces to account for Raymun Redbeard being KbtW in 8222.1.1 and then not in 8223.9.9.
    - Can no longer create the LP of the Crownlands in a pre-conquest scenario.
    - Moved House Harclay to a new lv2 castle barony in Pinesend (Castle Harclay). Made them hill clansmen.
    - Moved House Cassel to the King's Course county. Renamed the old Cassel's Castle in Blackgrove to Castle Blackgrove.
    - Moved House Poole to a new lv2 castle barony in Winterfell (Castle Coldstream).
    - Gave House Hayes the county of Cape Kraken to remove the canon ironborn House Shepherd from there.
    - Changed Golden Company title history so that Haegon Blackfyre inherits from Bittersteel. Adjusted employer history of all involved.
    - Dagon Greyjoy now starts "After the Spring" in rebellion against the Iron Throne.
    - Gave the Tarbecks LV4 base buildings which get destroyed at the same time Castamere does.
    - Renamed the baronies in Blackwood to places mentioned in Dance with Dragons.
    - Swapped Greenmont and Fang Tower, so Cleganes are sworn directly to Lannisters.
    - Swapped Payne Hall and Hawthorne.
    - Renamed high lordship of Peckledon to Goldroad and the Goldroad in The Reach to The Ring.
    - Made House Payne Lords of Goldroad (they are a principal house).
    - Changed High Lordship of Goldshire to Sarsfield and made Sarsfields Lords (because it is a marked location/principal house).
    - Changed High Lordship of Greenfield to Cornfield and made Swyfts Lords (because it is a marked location/principal house).
    - Moved House Bettley to the Westerlands, Pendrick Hills and added their CoA.
    - Moved House Ruttiger to the Oxefort barony.
    - Moved House Grell to Martlet Bay.
    - Swapped the position of Summerhall and Fawnton, according to Summerhall's location on the new maps.
    - Mountain Clans now worship the Old Gods.
    - Added the titular Kingdom of the Mountain, that existed before the arrival of the Andals.

    - Dragon Riders now far less likely to accept faction ultimatums.
    - If a king-tier character lost his LP title in a claim war, he wouldn't become a vassal of the new LP. He does now.
    - If a King on the iron throne is deposed, his crownland vassals will now always transfer to the new King.
    - It is now only possible to banish people you are a liege of to the Nightswatch.
    - AI will now refrain from banishing close relatives of their enemies to the wall if said enemy has one of their relatives under their control (stops Robb banishing Jaime). Also much less likely to execute/do nasty things to them.
    - Decreased dragon ambition opinion malus from -100 to -40, as it was causing most Targs to have -100 opinion of eachother.
    - Adjusted the way education is assigned. The order of whom decides is now: Father (unless mother is higher tier), mother, regent, random close relative then liege. Also if you are landed and the character choosing education is not your parent you now pay for it.
    - Made the conversion of the North to Old Gods and Iron Islands to Drowned God more likely.
    - Made Starks slightly more likely to gain direwolves.
    - Reduced the chance of infants becoming ill.
    - Surrendering to a dragon conquest will now decrease your relations with your more beligerent vassals.
    - Reduced the requirements for players to pick the dragon egg and valyrian sword ambitions.
    - Landed 14 year olds can now lead armies if they have 15 martial or a dragon (to allow Daeron I to lead armies against Dorne).
    - Upped the tyranny malus values to that of CK2+, as the AI doesnt seem to accrue it as fast as before.
    - Slightly increased the piety malus when you castrate someone.
    - Increased chances to anger the Iron Bank.
    - Reduced slightly the revolt risk multiplier from distance (10%), westeros is large.
    - For stability sake, reduced by 20 % the chance to undergo multiple independance revolts.
    - Lowered required age for killing plots (14 instead of 16).
    - Relatives of characters you kill in duels wont want bloody vengeance against you now, rather a less extreme modifier is applied.
    - Due to dynasty_decisions not working for the AI, added AI only decisions to give dragon egg to random children and to knight all eligible children.
    - Prohibited the knighting of sons who have a health problem.
    - You can now imprison your regent if they embezzle your funds.
    - Added an 'Abomination of Incest' modifier that reduces a characters opinion with the church.
    - When losing dragon duel against unlanded char, you get imprisoned by his liege.

    Graphics and portraits:
    - Removed all traces of the horrible Mediterranean portraits from the mod.
    - Added valyrian portraits for children.
    - Revised Dynasty CoA's for Crownlands, North and Dorne. Other regions will follow in next version.
    - Added new flag for Stony Shore.
    - Added placeholder flags for Khalasar and Summer Islands.
    - Added some hair/eye colour variety to Dornish people.
    - Added rebel_leader and deserter trait icons.
    - Mountain Clans now use the same portrait backgrounds as Wildlings.
    - Fixed male Dornish septons working in the nude, damn perverts all of them.
    - Made some more eye colours for Valyrian truebloods.
    - Characters with the septa and silent_sister traits now get appropriate clothes and church backgrounds on portraits.

    - Added a Summer Gods religion (needs icon).
    - French translation improvement (proofreading and corrections).
    - New files for better translation of (pre)Conquest scenario.
    - Added some provisional titles for the various potential tiers of republic in Westeros.
    - Added the captain of your household guard, with his trait.
    - High Valyrians are no longer culled before 8050.
    - If at the start of a game there is no LC of the Nightswtach, a random realm character will now be selected to be LC upon game start.
    - *SPOILER WARNING* If Aegon invades and Daenerys happens to be on the throne and is unmarried, Aegon can now offer to be her consort in exchange for a dragon

    - Wildlings can now no longer hire sellsword infantry, dornish spears or sellsail fleets.
    - Fixed issue where the same character could come 2nd and 3rd in a Tourney.
    - Fixed vanilla event where it was possible for your wife to drag you in front of yourself for judgement of your love affairs.
    - Fixed the independent Reach and Dorne in Crowned Stag/Greyjoy Rebellion bug.
    - Fixed the bug where the game would CTD when alternating between Robert's Rebellion and ACOK scenarios.
    - A child born whilst their mother is hidden will now also be hidden.
    - Prevented wildling_horde and negative_money triggered modifiers from spamming and eventually crashing the game.
    - Changed the name of Wildling invasions to "Wildling Invasion" instead of "Invasion of ---".
    - Fixed the localisation of the offended moneylenders event.
    - Fixed bug where it was possible for the Lord of the Westerlands to declare dejure wars on his vassals who splintered during a mega war.
    - Added some failsafe global flags to make sure Lps are reabsorbed after a mega war.
    - An event referring to the church demanding alms will now only happen for the seven and rhllor followers.
    - Fixed Tower of Joy events happening if Robert loses his rebellion but then usurps the throne later.
    - Fixed a character who has the bloody gate as a lesser title not being able to fabricate claims.
    - Fixed a problem with certain Reach castles not getting their BV buildings.
    - Fixed the event where someone who dies during a dragon conquest with no male heir loses their titles.
    - Fixed vanilla event where it was possible to argue with yourself about releasing your wife from prison (you could even imprison or execute yourself for this).
    - Fixed vanilla event where one of your spouses could demand you break up with another wife.
    - The events about the long lost dragons now cannot fire during the age of dragons.
    - Fixed decision to crown yourself King sometimes being usable during a non-independence war.
    - Fixed dejure 'duchy' CB not being usable for Kings against High Lords.
    - Fixed 'improve relations sabotaged' event happening for maesters who are educating children rather than you master of laws.
    - Fixed banishing people to the Wall via trial by court.
    - Fixed the KG counter not being adjusted after gelding one for having a lover.
    - Fixed Celtigars being culled when they are High valyrians in early scenarios.
    - If the attacker in an independence war dies the war no longer ends inconclusively.
    - Fixed Nightswatch calling for aid calling characters they are at war with.
    - Any event that adds a trait that prevents inhertiance should now recalculate succession lines properly.
    - Fixed rebel leaders sometimes not gaining victory upon winning.
    - Fixed the convert populace mission not being valid for some provinces when it is supposed to be valid.
    - Spouses of culled high valyrians will no longer get the widowed trait.
    - Lesser lords that defect in a mega war cannot now defect again (they could be on both sides previously).
    - Added some extra checks on Robb's white peace event (hopefully stop the LP North turning up in Dorne).

    Code: Select all
    Cabezaestufa: (Project Leader) Map creator, General Coding Support, Events, DNA, Balancing, Bugfixing, North Content, Misc. Graphics, Team Management.

    Scripting & Coding:
    Knuckey: Events, Reach Work, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, Nightswatch content, Maesters, Tournies, "Megawars" and Trials By Combat
    Rodri: Event, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, Dynasty tracing, Trial by Combat, Hereditary Valyrian Swords, New Ambitions.
    Sunspear: Coding, Events, Riverland Content, Bugfixing, Positioning Tool, Balancing, misc. Graphics, Personal Interaction, Faceless Men, Dragons.
    Galle: Events, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, DND, Localisation, Fighting Traits and the Duel Engine, New Plots, AI Work, Nightswatch/wildlings content
    Zarine: General Coding Support, New Battle System, Translations, Bugfixing.
    Ogaburan (Ran Miller): Events, Westerland & Frey, Minor Families Filler, DNA, New Education System, Kingsguard, Knights, Bugfixing, Balancing, Misc. Graphics.
    Stiener (DanJonMin): CoA placeholders, Events, Iron Islands content, Localization, Misc. Graphics.
    Wolfgang Pauli: Maintenance Events, Rescue CB, Testing, CoA Graphics.
    Etel: Grell-conversion Work.
    black_imperator: Events.
    Riso: Merged features from mods like CK2+ and Better Rebels, Misc. Coding.
    HuskyWolf: Scripted a bit and added some traits.
    Fashbinder: Event scripting, Trial by court, Nightswatch/wildlings content.
    Waylit: Special siege events mod.
    Comradebot: Farwynd skinchanger events, Ironborn event ideas
    Tompalmer : Event scripting.
    StoneTheCrow/Tycho: Valyrian Swords, history improvements, bug fixes.

    Edric_Storm: Dynasty CoA Artist, Dynamic CoA Generator Graphics (higher res, new designs), New CoA Templates (fabric banner and hide versions).
    Peuri: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design).
    dauncosony: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design).
    Velho e Bom Joe: City models and textures.
    HMAS-Nameless: CoA, misc. graphics.
    Molleby: CoA placeholders.
    Narf: Iconography & Testing.
    Smoesville: Event pictures/flags
    Amok: Much of his artwork used for event pictures: http://en.amokanet.ru/gallery
    StGeorge: Icons & Loading Screens.
    Rabid Bogling: Dynasty CoA and flags Artist. New Portrait Graphics.
    Starkweather: Valyrian children portraits.
    jorian: Some CoA's/flags.

    Regional Character & Title Allocations:
    the_hdk: Crownlands initial Content, Dynasty CoA Artist, Title Flags, New CoA Template (leather version), New Skinchanger trait icons and misc icons.
    ThePiglet: Dornish Content.
    Hroppa: Vale content.
    AlecTrevelyan006: Stormlands content, DNA, CoA placeholders.
    Helios Ra: Some initial Stormland content.
    Jazthesentinel: Some initial Stormland content.
    Maginor: Some initial Riverlands content.
    Hobbes MkII: Historical character histories
    Chrisjm89: Historical character histories.
    Tompalmer: Historical corrections and community management.
    Toccs: Many database improvements.

    Clash of Kings Scenario:
    Tompalmer: Scenario Design Lead
    Mug bubule: Scenario Design
    Nacodaco: Scenario Design, Scenario Histories
    Knuckey: Scenario Scripting
    Hobbes MkII: Scenario Histories
    C_moore: Scenario Histories
    HuskyWolf: Scenario Histories and poor grammar

    Original Music :

    Aurelien Benharrats ( http://www.aurelien-b.fr/)

    Translations & Localization:
    Loomis (German)
    Osuna (Spanish)
    Darkhorse27 (Spanish)
    Bysne (Spanish)
    FgM (Spanish)
    Werther (French)
    tompalmer (French)
    Stannis (French test)
    Lord Riusma (French for Garde de Nuit)
    Special thanks for french proofreading: Merela, Graymarch, Sand, Hawkin, Pandémie, Suwan

    Dom (JonSnoooow)
    Ser Ham
    Benjen Coldwater
        Special Thanks To:
        Grell74 for [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?491188-Westeros-Mod-War-of-the-Usurper"]his original Crusader Kings mod[/url], from which we took many things (spoiler warning)
        Paradox Interactive for their great game
        George R. R. Martin for his awesome books
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?592170-Mod-Campaign-Map-Culturally-different-cities."]Culturally Different Cities[/url] for our city graphics.
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?589312-MOD-Better-rebels.-No-more-whack-a-rebel!"]Better Rebels[/url]
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?607099-Mini-mod-Family-Relations"]Family Relations[/url]
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?605746-MOD-Friends-amp-Foes-100-Traits-Mod"]Friends & Foes[/url] for trait ideas & iconography templates
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?591226-The-Prince-and-the-Thane-%28MOD-WIP%29"]The Prince and the Thane[/url] for some of our ambitions
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?625248-Here-is-how-to-add-an-Embark-shortcut-key-%28and-others%29&p=14206952&viewfull=1#post14206952"]Alphanos's shortcuts mod[/url]
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?609850-Minimod-Ransom-All-Decision"]Ransom all minimod[/url]
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?624768-MOD-mini-Dungeons-and-Sieges-An-Imprisonment-Game!"]Dungeons and Sieges mod[/url]
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?594644-MOD-Lupus-Agnum-improved-usefulness-of-the-martial-skill"]Lupus Agnum mod[/url]
        [url="http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?644573-MOD-NB-New-Borders"]NB+/New Borders mod[/url]
        [url="http://www.lagardedenuit.com/"]La Garde de Nuite[/url] for help with the French translation.


    What is this?
    A Game of Thrones is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II, based on George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

    What is "NB+ AGoT Edition?
    It's a submod which changes the way borders are drawn and other nice gfx adjustments. Here's the original mod (thanks to EOOQE for making it compatible with our mod).

    Who can I play?
    You can play as any landed feudal noble in Westeros, any Wildling warlord, or the Night's Watch.

    What are some of the new features?
    Knights, Maesters, our new "Megawar" system for handling civil wars, the Night's Watch, one-on-one duels between characters, several different kinds of magic, and much more.

    What scenarios are available?
    • The Seven Kingdoms, which ruled a divided Westeros in the age before Aegon's Conquest.
    • The War of Conquest, when Aegon Targaryen set out to forge the Seven Kingdoms into one, through fire and blood.
    • The Dance of the Dragons, when Targaryen fought Targaryen in a bloody succession war.
    • The Conquest of Dorne, when the Young Dragon first brought Dorne under the Iron Throne.
    • After the Spring, in the aftermath of the Blackfyre Rebellion and the Great Spring Sickness, as House Blackfyre once again plots to take the Iron Throne.
    • Robert's Rebellion, when Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, Hoster Tully, and Tywin Lannister overthrew the Mad King and brought the Targaryen dynasty to an end,
    • The Crowned Stag, set in the immediate aftermath of the above, as the reign of King Robert begins,
    • The Greyjoy Rebellion, when the Iron Islands fought to be independent of the Iron Throne.
    • A Clash of Kings, set at the beginning of the book of the same name (Season Two of the HBO show)

    Future releases may contain additional scenarios.

    Is Essos in the mod?
    No. See topic2153.html

    I haven't read all the books. Is it safe for me to play this mod?
    To a limited extent.

    All scenarios contain setting spoilers. If it's really important to you to not know who the Lord of Winterfell in 255 was, we suggest not playing the mod at all. If you only care about avoiding spoilers for the events of the books and show, however, you'll be safe so long as you follow these instructions:

    • Don't read the house descriptions on the Game Over screen.
    • Don't go mucking around in the mod's source files, especially the character history files.
    • Choose your scenario wisely.

    Which scenarios contain spoilers?
    • The Seven Kingdoms: No Spoilers
    • War of Conquest: No Spoilers
    • The Dance of the Dragons: No Spoilers
    • The Conquest of Dorne: No Spoilers
    • After the Spring: No Spoilers
    • Robert's Rebellion: No Spoilers
    • The Crowned Stag: Spoilers - A Dance with Dragons (Books)
    • The Greyjoy Rebellion: Spoilers - A Dance with Dragons (Books)
    • A Clash of Kings: Spoilers - A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Dance with Dragons (Books) Season One, Season Two (Show)

I have a copy of the HBO show's opening theme what I acquired completely legitimately. How can I use it as my main menu music?
Convert it to .ogg format, move it to your Crusader Kings II\mod\A Game of Thrones\music folder, and rename it crusaderkings2_maintitle

Hey, I noticed some missing shields...
This is technically a beta release.

I'm a Wildling and I have no idea what I'm doing.
The Wildlings don't respect dynastic ties the way Southerners do. They'll only follow strong leaders. The Wildlings receive a free Invasion CB on all their neighbors, and they receive significant military bonuses from having high prestige, but these bonuses come at two dangerous costs. First, Wildling provinces are ruled only at the Wildlings' pleasure. Anger the people too much, and you may find a revolt on your hands. Second, don't expect any higher-tier titles you create to outlast you - Wildling higher lordships and kingdoms dissolve on their rulers' deaths. As a Wildling, you'll find that power is easy to gain, and much more difficult to keep.

I am a French speaker, why are the dynasty names in English?
For french users: si vous voulez jouer avec les dynasties traduites, rendez vous dans Mes Documents/Paradox/mod/A Game of Thrones/Traduction dynastie/FAQ où vous trouverez la démarche à suivre pour jouer avec les noms des Maisons en français.

I'm making a CK2 mod and would like to use your Duel Engine, or I'd like to use your Duel Engine as a standalone mod.
We've released a generic, de-Westerosified version of the Duel Engine as a standalone mod here. Please remember to give us credit.

My character has like 25 martial, why is he losing to guys with really low martial in duels?
Martial ability, being a command rating, has no effect on duel outcomes. Traits are what determines this. The combat traits are the most important, whilst others like strong, weak and valyrian swords also contribute.

Are there supposed to be random silent sisters showing up in the Kingsguard/Nightswatch's court?
Yes, the game populates courts with random females. If you move the game simply adds more, this is the compromise we arrived at

Why can I marry an Archmaester/Black Brother/Kingsguard?
It is not possible to prohibit a character from marrying so this can happen. Although all these characters are infertile so it’s not recommended, unfortunately the AI doesn’t always heed this advice either.

Why are all High Septons called High Septon I?
A new High Septon extends the practice of septons giving up their family names by renouncing any kind of individual name. This is due to the belief that the individual becoming High Septon is no longer a man but an avatar of the gods.

Fabricating claims isn't working/happening too often, what have you done to it?
The chances of fabricating a claim have not been altered from vanilla, so having loads of claims or none at all in a certain period of time can happen.

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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by hatredisthetruth » Thu Jan 31, 2013 02:30

Save compatibility with v0.4.0.0?
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by tompalmer » Thu Jan 31, 2013 02:39

hatredisthetruth wrote:Save compatibility with v0.4.0.0?

Uhm probably not, as usual, but if you try and find bugs, your call (but don't report them)
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by jenks » Thu Jan 31, 2013 03:23

Sweet :) some nice fixes thanks
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by VxXxV » Thu Jan 31, 2013 04:49

"Added a 2 year cooldown on commanding vassals to stand down."
what this supposed to mean?

and damn save file, just when i almost control both riverrun and vale...
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by jenks » Thu Jan 31, 2013 05:22

If it works how I read it that's the best fix IMO

If you have vassals fighting amongst themselves you can step in and ask them to stop
They will ALWAYS start fighting again within a few months
1) it gets tiresome keeping an eye on your vassals getting greedy
2) you get an opinion hit every time you have to tell them to stop fighting
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by VxXxV » Thu Jan 31, 2013 08:23

jenks wrote:If it works how I read it that's the best fix IMO

If you have vassals fighting amongst themselves you can step in and ask them to stop
They will ALWAYS start fighting again within a few months
1) it gets tiresome keeping an eye on your vassals getting greedy
2) you get an opinion hit every time you have to tell them to stop fighting

asking them to stop didnt create truce ?,
and 2 year cooldown to ask them stop or to create another war? , it seems to stop...

and i'm unable to download the mod , moddb didnt give any mirror for AGOT...
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by Daemon Blackfyre » Thu Jan 31, 2013 09:35

Yesterday I installed the new patch, I think I had a hunch :D
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by Werther » Thu Jan 31, 2013 09:47

VxXxV wrote:and i'm unable to download the mod , moddb didnt give any mirror for AGOT...

Create an account, it works.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by no_Fame » Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:21

damn was hoping for a real seven kingdom scenario without Aegon
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by xoatl » Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:04

Awesome. Time for a new game, yet again. Such is the pain of modding.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by JonStryker » Thu Jan 31, 2013 17:32

no_Fame wrote:damn was hoping for a real seven kingdom scenario without Aegon

Is Aegon such an annoyance? He doesn't get anywhere without the player's help anyways!
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by AdrienIer » Thu Jan 31, 2013 17:55

It depends, that's what I thought as well, except that in my game with the gardeners (I married my son to argella durrendon, and was going to try and get all seven kingdoms in the end) Aegon conquered the iron islands and the westerlands, and my hopes of uniting the realm under house gardener disappeared.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by Cidellus » Fri Feb 01, 2013 02:32

JonStryker wrote:
no_Fame wrote:damn was hoping for a real seven kingdom scenario without Aegon

Is Aegon such an annoyance? He doesn't get anywhere without the player's help anyways!

I wanted that as well at one point. My solution was to edit a new save file. I edited out the "Dragon Rider" traits from Aegon and his sisters, which basically made them impotent.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by VxXxV » Fri Feb 01, 2013 07:44

Cidellus wrote:
JonStryker wrote:
no_Fame wrote:damn was hoping for a real seven kingdom scenario without Aegon

Is Aegon such an annoyance? He doesn't get anywhere without the player's help anyways!

I wanted that as well at one point. My solution was to edit a new save file. I edited out the "Dragon Rider" traits from Aegon and his sisters, which basically made them impotent.

Impotent is a great word there lol,
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by Cabezaestufa » Fri Feb 01, 2013 16:01

Added two new submods to give you guys some extra gameplay options: Free Realms (independent kingdoms and duchies) and Vanilla Mechanics (it makes the mod play more like vanilla). Hope you guys like them!
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by DaItalianFish » Fri Feb 01, 2013 20:23

no_Fame wrote:damn was hoping for a real seven kingdom scenario without Aegon

Uh, don't we have one already?
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by Etzel » Fri Feb 01, 2013 22:27

Aegon is still on Dragonstone in that bookmark. He just doesn't go on as big of a rampage unless you play as him.

I usually only see him gain Stormlands.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by Fashbinder » Fri Feb 01, 2013 22:51

no_Fame wrote:damn was hoping for a real seven kingdom scenario without Aegon

I was hoping for a pre human scenario where you get to choose what strain of bacteria you are, like spore but an actual game!
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

PostPosted by xoatl » Fri Feb 01, 2013 23:52

Fashbinder wrote:
no_Fame wrote:damn was hoping for a real seven kingdom scenario without Aegon

I was hoping for a pre human scenario where you get to choose what strain of bacteria you are, like spore but an actual game!

...Spore... :(
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