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Re: [Sub-mod] Bloodlines v7

PostPosted by Lord_Verkos » Mon Jun 05, 2017 05:04

Dear Blackninja, Thank you for the mod, I also believe it should be added to the main mod. I was wondering if you planned on adding a Bolton Bloodline as they become a GH in later chapters. If you do so, I wonder if you would consider adding the Royces and Yronwoods as they sort of hold that position of second strongest much like the Boltons in their regions. Oh, also do the Blackwoods and Brackens have one? As, I found a similar trait icon when looking through some of the files. Thanks again for the sub mod!
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Re: [Sub-mod] Bloodlines v7

PostPosted by Crash » Sat Jun 24, 2017 23:29

How exactly do I create my bloodline in game ?

I am now at emperor rank, but I don't see any custom decision for that :(
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