Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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That is fine! Looking forward to reading the next chapter, I might do a custom character AAR myself. :)
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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awesome! you focus on those exams though it can wait good luck!
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Nice read! Thanks
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Chapter VII

PostPosted by mitsosan » Mon Apr 13, 2015 02:40

Chapter VII: Against the Endless Night.

Lonely Light, December of 327 AL.


"-At this rate Lonely Harbor will be consumed by ice. Our longships well get stuck there. When will this winter ever end?"
I took my eyes off the frozen window. It was my first council meeting as a King, and my Lord Captain of the Fleet, Dale Greyjoy was late and the other members of the council were trying to find topics for smalltalk. Gorold II Goodbrother my Master of Coin seemed to be freezing, but trying to hide it by talking about Lonely Harbor, the new town I had built in the place where a small village lied around the harbor.
"-The maesters say there's no sign of summer coming yet." He continued. "I can't imagine how tough it must be to be living out there on those small houses."
"-Every time there's long winter, people are complaining about it. That's how things are, get used to it." Said Lord Denys Drumm, my Master of Whispers."
"-Yes, but what about the rumors from the North?"
"-Smallfolk love to talk about the end of the World everytime they thing that things get too hard for them. Its relieving to believe that they are not the only ones to die."
Dale Greyjoy arrived at the room, almost half an hour late, and a bit tipsy. The boy was a terrific commander, with great potential, but liked the wine more than most. He was my opponent at the Kingsmoot a month ago, but I didn't held a grudge against him. They Greyjoys ruled the Iron Isles for many generations, it was only natural for him to try and take what for many was rightfully his. Even though he was a drunkard, he was also a man fearless, which was a trait I admired. I wanted a man like him near me.
"-You are late young man!" Gorold II Goodbrother erupted when he saw the boy entering the room in the condition he was."
"-Excuse me your grace. The stairs of the tower are frozen, and I slipped and fell."
"-Are you serious? You are drunk! that's why you fell you drunkard!"
"-Enough! We've wasted enough time already. Lets start." Everyone was stunned for I was not angry with the boy.
"-If you attend the next council meeting in the same condition Lord Greyjoy, I'll replace you with someone who knows when it is time for wine and when it's not. Am I understood?"
"-Yes your grace, I'm deeply sorry. It wont happen again."
"-I don't think so, but you have an opportunity to impress me. Anyway, what is our first issue?"

For hours we discussed the matters of the realm. Quarrels between low Lords, trade, smugglers and other boring stuff. But most of the issues had to do with empty food warehouses and shortage of supplies. This winter was indeed harsh.

"-I think we're over for tonight." I said in relief.
"-One more thing your grace. And the most important." said Denys Drumm.
"-What it is, Dennys?"
"-It is about your authority."
"-What about it?"
"-Well. The past two kings were rather loose with the lords of the realm. I don't think this can change overnight. We may have found some answers for our matters here tonight, but that doesn't mean that your vassals will do exactly as they 'll be told."
"-And you tell it to me now?"
"-No, its not well. Keep on, anything else?"
"-...Many of the Lord Reavers -even some who have supported you- believe that your rule is going to be the same as the past ones. They think that you are close to your... You know, the day-"
"-They think I'm old, so what?"
"-They are awaiting for a another Kingsmoot."
"-And why you think that?"
"-Its not that they are against you or something my liege. But the gifts offered in the Kingsmoots from every potential king are considered a source of income the last years."
"-I can't believe that this is where the Ironborn ended up to. Pillaging and looting is a source of income, not gifts!"
Ten years of inaction seemed enough to make them lazy. I had to change that.
"I had that planned for later, but we'll do it now. Gather your staff council. Prepare my soldiers and the longships. We are setting sail to Pyke."
"-What for?" Dale asked.
I ignored him. "Send ravens to all my Bannermen. Tell them to ready their men and ships and set sail for Pyke the shortest. Sign it with my full title, make it look like we are going to war, but don't tell them what we are gathering for. I want my bannermen to follow me without questions." I said and gave a look at Dale Greyjoy.
"-I'm not questioning you my King. I'm just curious."
"-Pyke is the largest port of the Iron Isles. We cant gather our full force here. Are your questions answered?"

Pyke, February of 328 AL

My bannermen answered my call to arms. Ten thousand men and 420 longships were gathered at the port of Pyke.


The men and their captains were all nervous and impatient to see why they were gathered for. I assembled the captains in the great hall, without offering them bread and salt -that was Dale's job after all- wearing my full armor and Stormcaller on my hand.
"-Greetings to you all, brave lords who answered my call to arms. Tonight we set sails. Whoever haven't said farewell to his family, do it tonight with a raven. We will be absent from Iron Isles for a long time. This winter is harsh, and our supplies will not last for long you can all see that. Our kingdom doesn't have the crops to hold us, and even if it had the Greyjoys are right: We do not saw . That's what the Old Way dictates, and that's why we set sail tonight to reap! We will reave from the Summer Isles till Asshai if we must, but in the end we will be the ones to survive this winter. The weaklings across the Narrow Sea will die either by our blades or by starvation and the cold; I will do whatever it takes, but in the end, They will be rotting on the ground, not us. You are dismissed."

Some of them looked to be hesitant, looking each other and talking quietly.

"Wasn't I clear enough right now? Whoever returns back to his castle will receive nothing from me, neither for his family nor his people. I am not going to give any inspiring speech to try to convince you. This is an order from your King, and we are talking about Life and Death here, not any war for castles and dirt. I say it for the last time: Dismissed."

"The years of inaction have made them weak" I thought to myself. "But just as the peasants who became reavers, it will come to them, there's no other way."

We left Pyke for a journey that was later was known as the "Great Reave". I gave the honor to Dale Greyjoy to be the first one to raise sails and lead the fleet. For a start, we were going to attack on the Iron Throne's lands, and I wanted to scare them: to make them believe that those 400 longships were only the Greyjoy fleet, and not my full force.


Our first target was the -as always- poor garrisoned castle of Castamere.


After sacking the Westerlands we move to the shores of the Reach, plundering outside Oldtown its neighboring provinces. Next was our traditional target for reaving, the wealthy Arbor, and after it the Free City of Lys.


Departing from Lys, my army had at last found its pace. Casualties were decreasing day by day and the morale was climbing. My cause was not only to seize food and gold: But also to train my armies for my future plans.


The Summer Islander's warehouses were full of supplies, but their warriors were no much for us. I had to test my reavers against more hardened soldiers. After we finished our jobs there we set sail for slavers bay. I intended to fight the legendary unsulied.


We raided the slaver's shores from west to east. I spread my host and gave a portion of it under my young bastard's command, a decision which proved to haunt me till my last days. Alyn was a great commander and a fighter who few in the Iron Isles dared to challenge, but there, in the shores of the Slaver's Bay Alyn met a man way better than him.


I was in deep grief for my son's loss. I had been left with only one boy to carry on my House, Theomore. I wanted to find the man who killed my son and kill him with my own hands, but there was no more loot on the Bay and we had to leave. The price for my revenge was too high, and I had a kingdom to think of.

Lonely Light,April of 333 AL.

For five full years we raided the coasts of the world. We loaded our ships with supplies, jewels, gold and women but we left many brave brothers behind. The shores of the places we set foot were bathed in blood, both with our enemies and ours; and unluckily for me, there was my elder son's blood there too. A few miles outside the walls of Astapor we where reaving; and the bad omen appeared on the sky: The three childs of Daenerys Stormborn. My brothers were looking at them in awe but my bastard son didn't share their enthusiasm. He was terrified, a sight rare at least. He sent word to me and asked to leave that place for good, but I didn't listen to his worries, and for this I regret till this very moment.
After we sailed from slavers bay everyone was still talking about the dragons and I was left alone in my cabin to mourn for my sons loss. Those were the days I fell sick on my bed and stayed there till we returned to our homes. We payed the Iron Price those years, but not only for loot; we payed the price heavily for our survival, our lives. Hope has returned to my kingdom now that the warehouses are full of supplies, and the talks about the end of the world have stopped, only to return with the arrival of the messenger from the Night's Watch.


My health was still in a very bad condition when he arrived at the castle, two months since our return from the Great Reave. Fever was coming and going from time to time and I couldn't stay for long on the main hall. The messenger requested an audience and I had to give it to him. Two men helped me walk from my private room to my throne. When I entered the room the messenger knelt and my Castellan announced my entry.

Iron King Gromm of the house Bloodshore, First of his name, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaper of Lonely Light and Protector of the Iron Islands.

"-I traveled the frozen seas twice the last years in order to meet the great Gromm Bloodshore. The first time I met a baby boy sitting on his throne, and now what? This pile of old bones?"
"-Enough crow!" Dale interrupted. "We did not let you stay in our walls to insult our King!"
"-This is no time for courtesies nor politics. I came here to ask him and his warriors to join the war, not to pet his ears."
"-For which war are you talking of?"
"-The War for the Dawn."
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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This is ridiculously exciting. :3
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Bruh, if this AAR ends without an appropriate ending, ima cry....I really hope you finish this with a bang.
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

PostPosted by mitsosan » Wed Apr 15, 2015 19:19

Thanks a lot mates! Believe me the next one is going to be great. Gromm is sick to death and has to fight the greatest war during one of the greatest winters the world has ever seen, without much help from the lords of the iron throne who are fighting wars against each other. This is gonna be hard as hell
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Chapter VIII

PostPosted by mitsosan » Fri Apr 17, 2015 18:43

Chapter VIII: The last days

"-Sit down Dale. I may be sick and old though I can still bring you down, crow. But I believe you did not travel so far just to question a King's health condition. Speak."
"-I already told ya. I'm here to bring you and your army with me in Castle Black to join us in the war."
"-As far as I know about the types of you, you say that you don't involve yourselves with the wars of men. And pushing wildlings away from the Wall isn't exactly a war."
"-Indeed. But it is about neither of those. Lord Commander Jon Snow is currently waging a war against the the Others. We are fighting to bring back the Dawn."

The men around the brother of the Night's Watch started laughing loud.

"-You could do better than exploiting rumors in order to get a few prisoners and some supplies for your men. This is pathetic. I understand that your lords in the greenlands are busy fighting their wars even during winter and cant spare anything for the Night's Watch. But this is their problem and yours. The wall is protecting the Iron Throne, and this is the Iron Isles. Our kingdoms may be both from Iron, but our protection is not a frozen wall, is the sea itself."
"-We thought at first that they are only rumors too. But none of you have seen what we have. The dead are back Iron King. And we are alone. Only the Starks have spared some men and supplies, but they wage other wars too at the Westerlands. I am not speaking of rumors here. This is real, and it is here, upon us. It is not a normal Winter we are facing. It is going to be the end to all of us if we do not unite against them. They are not small bands of them anymore. They are gathering on the frozen mountains, and they now have an army. Our rangers have seen it. This is not our war anymore. It's yours too."
"-And you expect me to believe you just like that? That after hearing these words to send ravens to the Lord Reavers, assemble my full army and come to the edge of the world? Why? Because the prophecies say that once they'll be defeated the light will come back. And what if its not like that? Then what? I'll be the one who sent my people to die for the greenlanders lives. Lives that even those don't seem to be willing to save. You want me and my people to fight for them, not us."
"-I have proof with me. But before I show it to you, let me tell you what is going to happen if we fail. Westeros is going to fall first indeed. But this damn winter is never going to end. And even if your men can still themselves and their families with looted food from across the Narrow Sea and not starve to death on these rocks... They will come for you too. Have you noticed the ice that have swallowed the sea around your shores? The ice is going to grow day by day, and the one staring from your shores at some point will meet with the one growing from the other side. And they will come. They will smell you, don't try even for a moment to fool yourselves and believe that they are mindless corpses. They will smell you and they will come for you all. And you will have none to ask for help. None but your hungry, weakened bodies."
"-Did you happen to be a bard before the wall crow?"
"-No my King. I was not a bard. I was a butcher. And during my times as a butcher in Kings Landing I cut and slashed all kinds of flesh. Living and dead. Beast and men too. But never before I saw anything like this."
The man threw down a sack in the size of a ball. The sack was moving and he quickly pulled it revealing its content before me, leaving every man on my hall speechless. The exact moment the cold winds seemed to bypass our walls, and it felt like we were instantly taken outside of the castle.

"-Dale send ravens immediately. Summon the Lord Reavers in Pyke, ten days from now, and ready the fleet too."
"-My King, you are in no condition to sail, you know that."
"-I do. I'll think about it. Give me some time alone. Enough for today."

A day later, in the King's Private chambers

"-And this is how it ends my son, Theomore."
"-Don't say that father. It is not over."
"-I can feel it Theomore. The Drowned God's decided it's time for me to join him in his watery halls. And it's fine. But you can read my life story in the books. I didn't have to tell you all those things. Although do you understand why I did this tonight son?"
"-I can see that you are depressed my boy. The burden you'll have to carry is a heavy one, heaviest than everything that I have ever seen before me in my life. But just as I did, you'll come out victorious Theomore. You'll lead the Ironborn in this war, you'll carry the fates of our people on your hands. Be strong my son."

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Its time for one in order to keep up with the events in the Iron Throne. But first things first:

Right now we have the 19-year-old Theomore, the only surviving child of Gromm Bloodshore, wielder of Stormcaller and awaiting for the Kingsmoot.



Second strongest man in the Iron Isles, Lord Reaver of Pyke and Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, Dale Greyjoy. He is the last surviving child of Balon "The Hunter", the man who tutored the future King Theomore and a drunkard.


These are the other 3 Lord Reavers of the Iron Isles. Nothing of note, except that the Volmarks took ten towers from the Harlaw's and now the 2nd have their seat at the newly created High Lordship of the Seastone Isles.


House Drumm is not in its best days, its head is Urron Drumm, Master of Drumm Tower but married to Theomores sister.


The Westerlands

Lady Paramount and Warden of the West is Elyana Lannister, daughter of Tyrion "The Imp" Lannister. She is the Lady of Lannisport and Casterly Rock since both her father Tyrion and her brother after him rebelled against the Queen and are both banished to the Wall.


Elyana is currently fighting two wars: One against lord Tywin "The Fowler" Kenning of Kayce for Tommen "The Indolent" Lannister's claim on the Westerlands.

Tommen somehow became King of Yunkai right after Daenerys' asassignation.
In this war lord Tywin Kenning has the upper hand as he has captured Elyana's husband, Torren Stark, son of Lord Paramount Brandon "The Honorable" Stark of the North.

The other war which is also finding Elyana on the losing side is the one against the Iron Throne. The Cleganes of the Fang Tower declared a rebellion shortly after the Kennings but for Queen Lythene Lannister's claim on the Westerlands.


So Elyana's lands are divided in two: The coastal provinces lords have pledged allegiance to Tommen Lannister who wants to return to Westeros as the kingdom of Yunkai is nothing like it was with Daenerys Targarien and the inland Lords are fighting alongside with the Cleganes for the Queen's claim on the Westerlands. Elyana has with her only the troops of Casterly Rock and the might of the North.

The Lannisters aren't exactly what you'd call a "Happy Family" :lol:

The North

Warden and Lord Paramount of the North and the Riverlands, Brandon III "The Honorable" Stark.


Lil' Bran may be a cripple but he is a bold cripple. He hates the Lannisters and wants to avenge his father and brother, we all know that. The same Lannisters (I call them the "Throne" Lannister) who Tyrion hates. Tyrion was a Lannister before his one-way journey to the wall, but Bran liked him. Tyrion's daughter now wants to avenge her father, and boom! Brandon and Elyana have a common cause. Thats why Brandon sealed their alliance with his son who was married to Elyana. Brandon could raise the banners of both the Riverlands and the North, crush the rebellions in the Westerlands and take the fight to King's Landing, but his bad luck didn't end with him falling from the tower. He has his hands tied more than anyone in Westeros. The White walkers have killed his small brother Rickon who was sent to help his other brother Jon Snow(who is currently gone missing beyond the wall).


Brandon has to choose which one to save first. And the choice isn't obvious for him.

The Vale

Queen Lythene has made some bold moves too. She is married to the son of Jon Arryn of the Vale. The weakling would be a perfect ally in her wars if he was still the Lord of the Vale. But he ins't anymore.
Lythene married him to press his claim on the Vale and secure it, but this plan is still on hold.
Robert's nephew Harrold "The Bold" Arryn deposed the boy at 301 AL, ruled till 325AL when he died of gonorrhea at the age of 41 and since that day his son Tim "The Vulture" Arryn is the Lord of the Vale.


He is fighting some minor claim wars.

The Reach

Lord Paramount Willas "The Fowler" Tyrell is ruling the Reach from Highgarden since 311 AL.

He is considered a man of great power, not only because he is a charismatic diplomat, but because of his siblings too:


Sir Loras "The Oathbreaker"Tyrell has lead his armies as his master of arms whenever the Reach had to use force (which was less than often till now)
But the things that those two brothers can't accomplish, there comes the beautiful (but old now) Margaery.

Yep, that's right! Princess Margaery Tyrell of the Dorne!

Margaery was Queen as the wife Joffrey Lannister, Mother of the Queen Lythene Lannister and now Princess of Dorne as the wife of Trystane Martell, which leads us to

The Dorne


It doesnt end there, Margaery is not only the mother of the Queen of the Iron Throne, she is also the mother of Dorne's heir, Prince Doran Martell.


Doran "The Prudent" Martell had three kids. After his death his oldest daughter Arianne became the ruler of Dorne at 307 AL. She died 12 years later and her place took her cousin Daemon "The Rush" Martell. Daemon Rebelled against the Iron Throne, fighting for Dorne's independence. Daemon lost the war and had the exact same fate as Tyrion Lannister who are both accompanying Jon Snow at the Wall.


The Dorne and the Lannisters of the Iron Throne don't get on so well. But somehow, Margaery has accomplished to unite them somehow. Sooner or later though she will have to choose between her two children. Or maybe her brother.

The Stormlands

Stannis was executed by King Joffrey for treason and the Baratheon line ends up there. Shireenis married to a lesser lord and his younger son which he managed to have is now a blinded red priest devoted to the God of Light.


No one seems to care about the Stormlands. Even Brienne of Tarth was Lady Paramount of the place for a time. In those days, the Stormlands are ruled by Lewys Buckler

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Chapter IX

PostPosted by mitsosan » Wed Apr 22, 2015 23:59

Chapter IX: Friends and Foes

Theomore was depressed. He was consumed by his feelings the day his father left for the Great Reave taking Alyn with him and leaving him behind. Gromm didn't even bother telling his heir that he was to be left at Lonely Light. Dale Greyjoy did, his older cousin and tutor.

"-...That doesn't mean that your father thinks you are unworthy you stupid fuck! Your father knows what he is doing. Someone has to stay here and rule. He is preparing you to take his place, and being a king means that you have to rule also. If being a king meant to reave, fight and rape every man on the Iron Isles would call himself king by now."
"-I am to be left here and Alyn is going to earn all the glory... This is not fair."
"-And what if Alyn dies? What if both of you get killed during the journey?"
"-This is not going to happen!"
"-Ha ha ha, you see? That's why you are to stay here. Every damn man may die. This is not a hunting trip cousin."
"-Now, enough of this. Your 16th nameday is tomorrow, and as your tutor I have decided that it is time for you to start drinking wine. Lets drink tonight cousin, for tonight may be the last night we have drunk together.
"-I've been drinking wine-"
"-Let me interrupt you. No cousin, you haven't the way we are going to tonight."

Dawn found the two cousins being the last customers in one of Lonely Harbour's taverns. Drinking and chatting.


"...And your father was like: Dale! get out of that woman and gather the men. We are setting sail! And don't even think about bringing this woman on the longboat. We didn't came here to bring back more mouths to feed! Ah, she was the finest maid I've ever been with you know. No other woman highborn or lowborn matched her eyes."
"-So? you didn't took her as a salt wife?"
"-Of course not! He would have tossed us to the frozen sea if I did. Me for sobering up and her to die."
"-Indeed. But your father was damn right about that. These are no times for such luxuries we have our own people to look after."
"-Dale, can I ask you something?"
"-Speak your mind kid."
"-Do you like my father?"
"-Are you kidding me? Your father's the finest man on the Iron Isles. I respect the old bastard more than I did my own! Long live Iron King Gromm everyone! Whoah, it seems there is no one left here to cheer, we are the last customers Theomore. C'mon lets go get some sleep."
"-Wait a bit. You respect him, I can see that. But do you like him? I mean if it wasn't for him you would be probably king now."
"-If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be the Captain of the Iron fleet too boy. As I said, your father is a great man. More suitable for this position than me. If we were on King's Landing, I would be the better king. I would drink and whore myself to death, like Robert Baratheon. But we are on the Iron Isles, and things here are different. I claimed the driftwood crown. I had to, i'm a Greyjoy. But I'm glad that I serve under your father's banner. I will 'till his last day, and when that day comes I will be the first man to stand as your champion for the crown. Can't wait for the day I'll be bragging about being the first man handing the King a sword. And the first man to get the King drunk it seems. Lets go home."

After Dale and Gromm's depart for the Great Reave Theomore spent his days practicing. Practicing with the sword, the axe, the bow and the art of sailing. He was a promising fighter who by the age of 17 was the best fighter on the Iron Isles. But spending most of his days practicing hard could not help him forget what he thought that his father done to him. In his mind, his father and king thought that young Theomore was unworthy of reaving alongside with him.
The years passed and King Gromm was dead. The kingsmoot after Gromm's death was a quick one; Dale did as promised years ago, and Theomore's father had done most of the work for his son. Three out of the four Lord Reavers of the Iron Isles were bound with marriage ties to Theomore Bloodshore; The Goodbrothers, Theomore's mother's family, The Greyjoys, whose head of he family Dale Greyjoy's mother was also a Goodbrother, and the Volmarks who were now rulers of Ten Towers. The fact that every ancient house of the Iron Isles were supporting Theomore de facto was only making him sadder, because he thought that his father had done all these strategic marriages in order to secure the throne for his heir, a deed that he was unworthy of doing. Not that many men on the Isles were eager to carry that role now, for Gromm's last act was to ensure the Night's Watch that the Ironborn were to join their War for Dawn. Only one man dared to put himself forward for the kingship, and that was Thormor Ironmaker a veteran reaver of no holdings but a dread warrior.
Thormor suggested that the ironborn shouldn't join the war and instead invade the greenlands for the lords of the Iron Throne seemed more weak than ever. The Lords called him a coward, and replied that when the world's gonna end, all the castles and wealth of Westeros would not save the Iron Isles from the Others. The veteran caused everyone's laughter when he managed to gain only 3 votes from the whole kingdom.


Now the young ironborn King is sitting on the deck of the Howl, sailing to Shadow Tower. Full of doubts about himself being the King capable of leading the Ironborn army against the ancient threat that has risen from the frozen hells, and scared. Scared to death. A boy still, who has never killed a man before, never lead men to battle has been chosen -or predestined- to lead in a war where everything's at stake. Though the men and the captains seem to have faith on him, and mostly his cousin Dale.


The plan's to garrison the Iroborn army at Shadow Tower and then ride to Castle Black where a war council with the men of the Night's Watch and the greenlandern lords will be held. Theomore's info said that only a few greenlanders had answered Jon Snow's call to arms, and on top of this, Jon Snow himself went missing beyond the wall. The campaign hadn't even started yet and things were already bad. The last letter from Castle Black was signed by Tyrion Lannister, who seemed have replaced the old Lord Commander.
Theomore didn't waste any time upon arriving at the Shadow Tower. He immediately asked for a few horses, rounded up a few men, took his Cousin Dale and began his trip for Castle Black. He thought that during the trip the other lord reavers would notice his state and that was something he wanted to avoid. Dale was the man he trusted most, and was a veteran who counseled his father. He even stopped drinking the day the fleet left the port of Pyke, a fact that made him even better for what Thomore wanted him to do.
"-Seems that the end of the world isn't a good time to get drunk."
"-Maybe its the best time. But I wont be giving the greenlanders the joy of thinking that I gave up hope and started drinking myself to death."
Theomores party took a road which was distant to the wall at first and they were not chatting a lot, but as they were closing to Castle Black the enormous Wall was closer and closer.
Theomore was examining the Wall, like he did the last few hours.
"-It seems that it makes you comfortable young cousin, the first days you hardly even said a word, but now speak every hour or two." Dale was trying to start a chat every now and then, he had stated to his cousin many times that riding made him bored "Going from one place to another with horses is boring; and silent people just make it worse for me"
"-I haven't seen anything bigger than this in my whole life. And I believed that Pyke and Ten Towers are big."
"-Big or not, it is not gonna stop the Others by itself."
"-It would help if more of the stupid greenlanders realized what is going on here and rallied."
The party had reached Castle Black and its gate was ten minutes away them, but when Dale heard Theomore's response asked him to stop for a bit
"-Listen to me cousin. These people inside the castle are not our allies. Maybe they are for now, but this is only temporary. We've been raiding their lands for decades now, we've killed their men, took their women, and plundered their lands. The best scenario's to come back victorious and alive, with them more hurt than us so we can reave on their lands again. Don't forget that."
"-I never had that delusion Dale. I didn't came to this place to make friends."


The Imp welcomed the men right after they passed the gate of Castle Black and immediately escorted them to Lord Commander's office. Theomore did not see any Lords banner and asked Tyrion:

"-Who else is joining us?"
"-Along with you father, there were a couple other lords from the Iron Throne who replied to our call-"
"-My father was not a lord, he was a king."
"-Indeed. Excuse me if I offended you my young friend. I already know that, I was the one who wrote the first letter, and it was a pain in the ass to write his full title, Iron King Gromm of the house Bloodshore, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the blah blah and some more then. You people seem to be more talkative than they say, or it is just for the titles? Anyway, I have bad news and good news. I told you the first bad one, that the Lords of the Iron Throne and the Queen are busy fighting they petty wars than saving the world from the dead. The good news is that Lord Commander Jon Snow is back from missing. Its like a routine to him it seems! He goes missing beyond the wall and then somehow he comes back again informing his brothers that the bad guys are far more than we ever imagined. And that was the other bad news."
"-How many?"
"-Ask him yourself, we were awaiting for your arrival to start the war council, everyone's in his office and that's the door. I won't be joining you, I attend to other matters here at Castle Black, war is not my game you know."
If it was, I wouldn't be here now. Said the Dwarf mumbling, possibly referring to the reason he was banished to the wall.
"Daemon is helping Lord Commander with that stuff. But let me announce you to them first, lets see if they'll shiver upon hearing that the son of the sea wind is here!
Iron King Gromm of the house Bloodshore, First of his name, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaver of Lonely Light and Protector of the Iron Islands. And Dale Greyjoy, Lord Reaver of Pyke and Captain of the Iron Fleet. The man who would be king."
In any other circumstance both the cousins would be insulted, but the Imp was in such a cheerful mood that he just made them smile, and they couldn't recall the last time they smiled from the beginning of all these.
Four men were inside the room. The two of them were clearly brothers of the Night's Watch, whit the man sitting on the head of the table being Jon Snow, now at his fifties, with a face that showed that time had taken it's toll on him. The other man was a dornish at his early thirties, who had to be Daemon "the Rush" Martell.
Theomore recognized the old lord sitting at the right side of Jon Snow by his sigil, the golden rose of the Tyrells, but he could't tell who the other lord was.

"-You don't expect me to sit on the same table with pirates and thieves!" the older man shouted at Jon Snow.
"-By the two of us, the one closer to a pirate may be in your eyes my cousin, Sir Willas. You confuse me, because if Dale is a pirate then that makes me a thieve. Somehow being a cripple old man affects your hearing too, but if you didn't hear the dwarf I'll state it again: I am a King Sir Willas. And you shall address to me as one."
"-Please my Lords, and King. we are supposed to be allies here. We can't fight the common enemy of we are divided, that has caused us enough troubles for the time."
"-Allies with the men who burned, raped and pillaged our lands?"
"-King Theomore has brought here everything the Iron Isles have to offer on this war, and that's enough for me."
"-Everything?" The Tyrell said with shining glimpse.
"-Almost. But it seem to me that it is more than you both could bring here. I did not notice a single banner other than the Night's Watch on my way here."
"-The Reach and Stormland's forces are marching towards the Wall by now. They are going to be here in a day or two. Ships travel faster than feet you see."
The Lord Commander tried pacify the men on the table, but he didn't seem to have much patience with the whole scene.
"-Enough of that. Lets have a new start and be quiet as I will inform you of the situation and propose our plan. My lords, you heard who those men are. King Theomore, those are our allies in this campaign, Lord Willas Tyrell of the Reach and Lord Lewys Buckler of the Stormlands.


Lord Commander asked Daemon to bring him a large map and unfolded it on the table. He took a few soldier figures and placed them on the map, informing his fragile alliance of the current situation.

"-Reports state that the Westerlands are in a war with the Throne, and the North and Riverlands army is marching south to rescue Brandon's Stark son who is held captive. My brother has sent me supplies and a hundred Karstark men to help us, but that's not even nearly enough. The Vale and the Dorne haven't replied. So, after the Stormlands and Reach army is here, we'll give 'em a day's rest and we will start. We believe that the Others are about 15-20 thousands, but not in a single group. Their main force is heading towards the Wall, but they have parties lurking throughout the whole region outside the Wall. The plan goes like this: King Theomore will split his 15 thousand forces in two, one will stay here and man the wall and the other part is going to attack the shores from the west. Their goal is to pull out as many of the main force towards them and the rest of us are going to march north. We will hit and retreat in order to pull them to the Wall. That's were we will fight them."
"-You want me to attack the west shores beyond the wall. What's there to attack?"
"-I want you to draw their attention. You'll find small groups of them if you walk inside the forests but our goal is to disunite their main force. Light up great fires in the woods, they'll see that and come for you. After they come to you you retreat back to your ships and then do it somewhere else. Your men are not knights with heavy armor, they are mobile, a great asset when fighting in the snow."
"-Sounds easy till here, but I bet it's not. How are we going to kill them?"
"-I wont lie to you. We are going to lose many men on this war. Three things kill them as far as we know. Valyrian steel, fire and dragonglass. We have found many dragonglass blades hidden outside the Wall, but they are not enough to arm our full force. I'll give you four or five hundreds, but the rest has to be done by you and your men, become creative my king.

The next two hours passed with the five men discussing tactical matters, and by nightfall Dale was exhausted. His steps led him to the castle's hall where he found the Imp sitting alone and drinking wine. The two men shared the wine and talked for some time.

"-...We have many things in common, my Ironborn friend."
"-Indeed. But thank god I haven't given up on women."
"-Who said that I have?"
"-The Night's Watch isn't that strict with that part of the vow right?"
"-Some do follow it, others don't. They took away many things from me you know, at least I kept wine and women. And my son, who my kin had been kind enough to banish him too on this forsaken place."
"-Tough stuff. And it doesn't seem to be getting better right?"
"-Its going to end soon my friend." said smiling.
"-You're so sure that you'll die against the Others?"
"-No, my place is not on the battlefield. My physical features do not allow it as you can see. I've been on the battlefield once. I didn't enjoy it."
"-But your place isn't the wall too."
"-Exactly. And as I said everything's going to end pretty soon."
"-Not much of an optimist."
"-Realist. But I am not referring to your holy campaign against the darkness. You might have a chance on that. I talk about my personal end."
"-You can't leave this place; are you going to kill yourself? What are you talking about? Enough drinking for tonight I guess."
"-You seek only reprieve my friend. I, on the other, welcome the darkness. Its a darkness that has been cast on my life since day one. And I've made my mind, after you guys start your war, I am going to drink myself to death."
Dale looked the man with wonder.
"-You look to me pretty damn sure. I don't know what to say in such occasions."
"-I'll wish you luck and you do the same for me. I am going to find out if heaven really exists."


The next day Theomore and Dale took off for the Shadow Tower. While passing the gate they saw the army of the reach who had just arrived at Castle Black.


Upon arrival at Shadow Tower Theomore did as they agreed on the war council. He divided his army in two and set sail for the frozen shores. Just before he gave the order to start, he thought to himself:
"Well, the priests say that what is dead may never die. Lets find out."

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Teaser on the next chapters

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One of the many songs that were written based on the events of the next chapters.

Oh come now kinsmen, Captains and clan!
We’ll face the Others and make our stand!
Our brothers lie in frozen Lands
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

If the fighting it be dry
We’ll stand beneath the blazing sky
And proudly fight and win or die
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

And if the fighting it goes ill
We’ll fight with hands and teeth and will!
We’ll earn our beds beneath the hill
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

There’s smoke arising in the sky!
Oh hear the hungry ravens cry!
The warhorn summons you and I
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

And if the fighting it goes well
We’ll send the Others straight to hell!

And if the battle it be long
We’ll light our hearts with gladsome song!
We’ll raise our blades and voices strong
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

There’s smoke arising in the sky!
Oh hear the hungry ravens cry!
The warhorn summons you and I
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

And if the battle it be lost
We’ll proudly stand and pay the cost!

And if the battle it be won
We’ll gather when the dyin’s done
And have some rantin’ rovin’ fun
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

There’s smoke arising in the sky!
Oh hear the hungry ravens cry!
The warhorn summons you and I
As Theomore swings Stormcaller!

Spoiler: show
original taken from
check out my first aar: Last but not Least. An Ironborn AAR

We shall put you in front of a good wall and shoot you
With a good bullet from a good gun and bury you
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Re: Chatper X

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Chapter X: The Drowned God's Chosen

"-Lost in thoughts again, cousin?"
"-Aye. Dark ones this time."
"-Surprise me just for once, please."
Theomore could not take his eyes from the frozen shores. Landfall was two hours away from what he could tell.
"We are closing. You want me to order the men to get ready?"
"-Yes. Is the oil ready for the bonfire?"
"-Yes my king. They will see it from miles away. I guarantee that."
"-Good, but before you give the order I want to have a word with you. Lets go inside, its freezing out here."

"-What is bothering your mind this time?"
"-I cant stop thinking about the civil war on the south."
"-Really? We are close to facing Death himself at these shores, and your mind is traveling south?"
"-Think about the situation. The war's in its conclusive stage. Brandon has sent his armies south to rescue his son, Whether the outcome of his plans, someone is gonna win this."
"-Yes, and then the victor is gonna march north, either at Winterfell first and then here, or directly here. But they will be late because we will be sailing back victorious from here, or dead."
"-I said conclusive, but not final. Their war is gonna last for long. But that's not what bothers me. Its the Iron Islands who are menless right now."
"-How in hell is our home threatened by this situation cousin?"
"-Lets analyze the possible outcomes of this civil war, shall we?"
"-First of all, I'm not betting any gold on Kenning and that Tommen of Yunkai guy. He has only some houses of the westerlands with him on this and seeing a fleet landing armies from Yunkai will surprise me more than when I saw the white walker's head for the first time."
"-I share your thoughts on this. Lythene has with her the other half of the Westerlands with the Cleganes and the full force of the Crownlands, which is at least the double number of Kenning's force. Most probably the cripple Stark is gonna win this. The other two are fighting for more than a year now against each other and he will come from the North with its full host plus the Riverland's."
"-And then, he will come here, why would he assault the Iron Isles?"
"-No, if he wins the Westerlands back for his son and Elyanna Lannister, then his attention will turn for Kings Landing itself, which will by then be left alone with only its garrison. Conducting a siege on the capital will take a lot of time, which will leave us here without valuable reinforcements, as we are going to suffer heavy loses."
"-Who knows, maybe during that time the cravens of Dorne and the Vale may follow the example of the other lords and come to the Bastard of Winterfell's aid."
"-They didn't till now, they wont. Some books say that there's magic on the wall, and it is enough to keep the Others at bay. They simply don't want to spend soldiers, gold and supplies for a war that they will get nothing in return."
"-Again, how's that a threat to us?"
"-That was the best possible outcome for us. What if the throne finds a way and win this war?"
"-Bugger me with a bloody spear! How is she going to win a war against the untouched, combined might of the North and Riverlands without any damn ally? Your imagination is running wild here."
"-We have to be prepared Dale. The Others are not our only enemy here, and the men who are on the same side of the wall are not exactly our allies, you said that too."
"-Lets presume then, that somehow, the cub of the Iron Throne finds a way to come out victorious. Who knows, maybe she found a way to resurrect both her great-grandfather Tywin and the Dragons of the Red Keep from the dead, she and her dumb husband then rides the dragons to battle and fries alive the Stark Host. Then what?"
"-Stop it Dale! I'm just saying. Few decades ago most would put their gold on the Young Wolf's side, but he didn't at all win the war. Now, a man would put his gold on the North again but it is his smaller brother who is fighting the somehow same war and he is not the undefeated Young Wolf, he is a damned cripple. If the Iron Throne wins, is going to be at the best place to start punishing rebels, both old and new. The Iron Isles, the Riverlands and the North are left without men after the Queens victory. No matter where she directs her retaliation, directly or indirectly we will be harmed, as The North is providing most of the supplies to the Wall right now."
"-Phew, it must be a true hell living in your brains cousin. There's only one solution to all these."
"-Enlighten me Dale, surprise me."
"-We finish our job quickly here, so that after this, we are either dead or quick enough to be at the Iron Isles."
"-Truth be told, this is the only thing we can do for now. But there's something here. Something is not right..."
"-Wear your armor and take your axes. That's what I say, and leave the schemes for now. Though I would recommend leaving one of them behind and taking a shield instead. Only Stormcaller is gonna help you against them."
"-You are not my teacher anymore Dale, I know how I want to fight."
"-You're lucky you're my King now, differently I would take that fucking shield and shoved it up your arse."

As the Howl approached the shore, Theomore was geared up, with his two axes in hand. The young king was the first one to touch the ground, he wanted to lead his army personally. The men and the captains would never follow a man who has never been in a battle before and sit back and watch. I have to do this.
After him, the ironborn jumped out too. They were used to land and then rush to the villages or the castles of the people they intended to raid, but this was different, the shore was empty. They walked and looked around, with fear clear in their eyes.
"What are you waiting for? You know your orders! Light up the bonfire! The rest, get your groups and follow me to the woods. I am not gonna give any inspiring speech here, lets get this done!"
Theomore didn't have in mind the value of keeping his men's morale high by that time, and that was justified, as he was also scared of the things he was about to see. How could he give courage to his men when he was fear-struck than them?

"I have to do this. I have to" He kept telling to himself.

The men were preparing the bonfires, and the groups were already spread into the woods. The plan was to assault small bands of White Walkers, and if they would encounter groups even at the same size as theirs they had to run back to the longships.
Theomore didn't have to wait for long to encounter the first one. The brothers informed his that the Others somehow could sense them.


Theomore too felt him before he saw him. The cold instantly became heavier. Even breathing at the Other's presence was causing a heavy pain in his lungs. The cold struck Theomore and his group and they standed there like frozen statues.


The Walker's eyes were stuck at Theomore, and was moving towards him. An arrow flied next to him, missing. The next one found the Walker's right hand, but he didn't seem to even notice it.
"-Are you deaf? You weren't listening when they told you that only flaming arrows are supposed to hurt them?" Theomore yelled at the soldier.
The Other kept walking towards the Ironborn, but he was not in rush, as like he was sure that they could not run to save themselves. As he was walking to them, they were taking steps behind trying to keep a distance.
Theomore said to himself one more time "I have to do this". He grinded his teeth and prepared to assault the White Walker. The same moment, another bursted upon them from the right.
At he sight of the second white walker, a soldier threw his axe on the snow and run away.
"Useless fuck!" Theomore erupted.
"Stand your ground! I'll take the first one, you try and set the other ablaze"
Theomore rushed to the one in front of him, and as he took the first step he realized that a shield was something that he wanted more than anything in he world now.

He raised his left axe first and landed a blow on the walker's high left side. the Other parried with ease, and then Theomore swung Stormcaller with his right arm under his left, trying to startle the Other. He wasn't surprised; he saw the axe coning to his stomach, but he didn't took a step back. Theomore was the one surprised; at first at least.
The White Walker did not take a step back and Stormcaller landed on him with Theomore's full force.


Theomore was speechless. He didn't expect at all that Valyrian Steel was that effective against them. His eyes were stuck at the puddle for some moments. A hand touched him on the back and Theomore turned around frightened. He saw a Drowned Man, almost a head shorter than him but with arms that grabbed him and felt like pincers.

"You are blessed by the Drowned God my King. You're His scourge that will banish the Others from this world, Now go and show to your men that you are the one chosen. Show them."

As he said those words the priest poured a flask of sea water on Theomore's head. The water instantly turned to ice on his hair, and the ice shocked him. Without saying a single word, only letting out a warcry Theomore rushed to the remaining Other and jumped on him like a fierce beast. The men stood and watched as their King landed one blow after another on the Other. Theomore's foe parried every single strike with ease.
After a series of blows, Theomore took a step back. His heart was now beating faster than when he crossed the first one, his head was hurting from the priest's water that had now turned to ice. Drops of sweat flowed from his forehead to his lips, melting the ice crystals and relieved steam around him. The drops reached his lips. Salt. That was it, the salt of the sea was pouring from his body.


The Other was not intimidated by the young man's shouts. For the first time he grabbed his icy sword with both hands and attacked by dropping it towards Theomore's head from his right side. That was the opening Theomore needed; he rolled to his left, dodging the strike and instantly retaliated with his right hand, the one which held Stormcaller.


Words of the Iron King's heroic battle reached the ears of every man in his host. Urzen, the Drowned Man who was present made sure of it. Once his party came back where the ships were, he started orating, telling the story and also claimed that the young king was the Ironborn's hope against the darkness.

He also blessed Theomore in a ritual held in front of the whole army to see.

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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Great story! I enjoyed the reference to Warcraft (I think you even called you main character "Hellscream" once! Hahaha).

I wonder wether the drowned men would theologise the Others sway as being minions of the evil God of Storms, who would want to freeze the dorwned god in its watery halls
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Lol, I haven't noticed it 'till not. Reading "Gromm Hellscream" looked fine to me it seems, even in a forum like this. Just corrected it, thanks!
Gromm sounded fine as an Ironborn name, and as you can see i'm not the creative type when it comes to names :D

And thanks again my friend for giving me a great idea, I wanted somehow to connect the Drowned God with the Others now that Theomore is a zealot and he befriended Urzen too.
check out my first aar: Last but not Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Im glad that i discovered this aar.Your writting gets better and better. The story is fascinating! I hope that you will come back and finish this because i wanna see its end
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Chapter XI: Kings, Captains, Priests and Commanders



"Doran! Doran! Go to Loras! Tell them to take his men back to the wall. We're retreating. Tell him the Night's Watch will cover their retreat. NOW!"


We've been fighting them for hours, but their numbers don’t seem to grow fewer. It’s like there's no end to them
As the months passed, Lord Commander Jon Snow was talking more and more to himself. He couldn't afford to share everything he saw when he ventured beyond the Wall for the second time. He was lucky that no one else survived from his team of rangers to tell the others back at the Wall. No, morale is already low enough, we must not let it fall even lower.


Dale greeted the guard and walked inside the King’s room in the Howl. He was holding a letter that he just received from Castle Black. The winds were freezing cold as always up there. It was the second time today he thought of drinking some wine to help him bear the cold, but he could not do it. He swore to remain sober as long as the King’s crusade against the dead lasted, for the sober Dale was the Dale his small cousin needed most.
Inside the cabin Theomore was accompanied by Urzen, the Drowned Man who blessed the King on the first day the Ironborn battled the Others. Since that day things went according to the plan, but no one could tell if any progress was made. The White Walkers kept coming and the Ironborn were slaying them –with heavy casualties though- but their numbers did not change nor their main force was anywhere nearby to be found. The Iron King was fighting a war against an enemy which no one could understand, scout nor even try to predict his next move. Hence, it was a war against the unknown. Theomore didn’t see what’s wrong with that, as long as he and the Ironborn seemed to kill more White Walkers than the men they were losing, but Dale was at least worried about that. And now the last report from Jon Snow raised his concerns even more.
“Greetings your grace. A raven came from Castle Black; Lord Commander Jon Snow sent report about his last try to fight the Others outside the Wall.”
“Let me see it” Theomore answered flatly.
Little Theomore has changed a lot. Dale thought while inspecting his King. He killed the boy he was when we set foot on this cursed shores. He is a capable captain and he earned the respect and admiration of his men. The first day was an excellent example of his capabilities. But are the young Iron King’s traits enough to fight against the unknown?
“Them Greenlanders are useless!” Theomore said agnrily interrupting Dale's thoughts and threw the letter away towards Urzen.
The Drowned Man read it carefully and nodded in agreement to his King.
“You see my King? I was right. This war is indeed in our hands to win or lose. And following their orders won’t help us at all. It is them who should be following orders, not us. For we are the Ironborn and you, our Iron King is the Drowned God’s chosen, the scourge of His enemies.”
“What is dead may never die!” Theomore and Urzen said together. The priest then stood up and left the king’s cabin staring on Dale as he walked by.
Dale payed no mind on the Drowned Man and took his place on the chair across Theomore.
"Also Thormor Ironmaker reports that news of your first battle against the Others reached the Wall. He and the other men we left behind on the Wall are overjoyed now that we have a man chosen by our God to lead us" Dale said with laughter. "Young or old, the men are in need of tales and prophecies; And now more than ever. It serves us for the time though."
"You disagree with the men Dale?"
Dale's laughter stopped abruptly. Theomore was serious about that.
"As long as I remember you were not the religious type, cousin."
"I was a sinner, indeed. But that changed. My faith in the Drowned God is unquestioned. I realized many things during our time up here. Urzen has opened my eyes on many things."
"I admired how you matured so quickly by undergoing those rituals. I thought you did it for the sake of the men's morale. Dont tell me that you trully believe the priest's prophecies."
"Watch your tongue. Especially when you are talking about the Drowned Man, and your King."
"How exaxlty did the priest opened your eyes, your Grace?"
"If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here today. I was scared to death when we set foot on the shores for I was a sinner and an infidel. I had our faith for just a tradition of our people. But it is not. He gave me the power to stand up for what the Drowned God planned for me to do. That's how he oppened my eyes."
"You were scared because you are a man and you fear death. And because what we've seen here has made everyone shit in their pants. You came back alive while some other didn't because your weapon is one that can kill them and of course because your father trained you well in the art of killing. Thats how I explain what happened but this matter is not for me to be concerned about. Im here to give you consult on the matters of tactics and war, not faith."
"Im your King and you are here to obey my orders. And our faith on the Drowned God has a lot to do with this war. That's why you will lead the vanguard tommorow. I'll stay back with Urzen and bless the new longship that arrived for me."


"I will, have fun with your ritual. But when you'll come on the shore again remember: that man has gotten in your brains kid. I can clearly see that he helped you light the fire inside you, you are not depressed anymore, and that is enough for me. You found something to help you continue, everyone need something to push him at times like theese. But be carefull; for no god will save you if you let your guard down out there."


Dale did his King commanded. He wore his uncle's helm, the mighty Kraken and sailed to fight once more. But his thoughts were with his small cousin.


He is young. And young men get carried away Dale told to himself. But his concern was not about Theomore, the Drowned Man Urzen had now drew his attention.
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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excellent aar, put off a paper to read it up till now
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Chapter XII

PostPosted by mitsosan » Fri Jul 08, 2016 23:21

Chapter XII: The Fall of Castle Black

-This is madness Theomore! Madness! They will say that we betrayed them! I don't understand what has gotten into your head, But-

Dale Greyjoy's head was just as red as the sun when the ironborn saw it for the last time, more than a year ago as it slowly got swallowed but the sunset sea. He went berserk when he heard his cousin's change of plans. Was it because the new plans were not approved by him or just the fact that the young king did not ask for his counsel? He didn't know. All he knew was that the last few weeks everything felt odd. This last one was something he never expected from Theomore.
But he also didn't expect that the king would signal his guards to grab him by the arms. Although he knew that the guards were not strong enough to move him, he let them seat him down.

-First of all, I will not remind you again to address me as King. Secondly, this is not a war council, I have made my mind about our course of action and If I wanted your advice I knew where to find you, Cap'n.

Everyone in the King's cabin stood silent. The two guards, Urzen the Drowned man and a few more lords of the Iron Isles. This was the first time these two had a conflict in front of people.

Dale clenched his fists, rose his head and tried to seem as calm as possible.
-May I speak, your Grace?
-Go on.
-I am sure that you were fully aware of the plans we agreed with lord Commander Jon Snow your Grace.
-You are right Dale I remember it.
-Then why did we break our part of the deal your Grace?
- Because it was unfair against us Dale. The Starks are fighting in the Westerlands. They had to choose for whom their men's blood will be spilled for. And they chose to spill their blood to protect their marriage ties with the Lannisters, not for the North. Thus, Thormor Ironmaker and his men abandoned the Shadow Tower and joined our force. I am not gonna spend a single man defending another lord's home. The Ironborn will fight with me against the enemies of the Drowned God and end this nightmare once and for all.
-Leaving the Wall undefended will risk not only the whole North, but our supply lines too, your Grace.
-It won't take that long Dale. The final battle of the War for Dawn is upon us.

Theomore Bloodshore rose up from his chair and looked at Urzen, who nodded.

-The Drowned God has shown us the way. Urzen had a vision and shared it with me. The enemy's leader position has been revealed to us, and we are going to hunt him down. I, Theomore, of house Bloodshore, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, The Drowned God's Scourge, Lord Reaper of Lonely Light and protector of the Iron Islands, with the help of the Drowned God will end both this war and the endless Winter. I have gathered a small, agile force of the best men the Iron Islands have to offer for this cause. We will venture deep inside the Frostfangs 3 days from now. A day before we land, our full army will be divided in two and storm the Bay of Ice. You and Thormor Ironmaker will lead the attack, once again trying to distract the dead, allowing us to reach our destination as unhindered as possible.
-This is a suicide mission, Your Grace.
-For a man like you, it is. For a man like me, this mission is my Destiny.
-So your destiny is premature death from the cold?
-My destiny Dale Greyjoy, is to follow the path the Drowned God has shown to me. And that path does not lead to death, for now. It leads to victory.
-As your cousin, I disagree with you Theomore. I think that you are too young to die at your 19. But as the Captain of the Iron Fleet, I am bound to do as you command your Grace.
-Dismissed Cap'n. Theomore said while looking the other way.

Dale Greyjoy rushed out of the tent, walking as fast as he could, prominently disturbed. He had to do something but he did not know what yet. His young cousin was not taking the war with the seriousness it deserved. First betraying his allies by leaving them unprotected in the middle of the war, and now planning of leading him and his men to certain death.
He's leading our people to the crack of Doom. he said to himself.
He's nothing more than a kid, he found himself walking the line between life and death, he survived, and now he believes that he's able to do it again and again, as the fool he now is. But it is not his fault entirely, no... That damned Drowned Man is to blame. He is the man who made my cousin the arrogant kid he now is. I can't let this happen.

There were three men Dale could trust.


The first one was lost to Urzen. The second one, Aladale Codd was not the man he was anymore. A fierce reaver once, but a couple months ago his longship was crushed by the waves of the Bay of Ice. Since surviving the storm, Aladale was a changed man. He valued his hide more than anything in the world now, and turned craven. No, Aladale could not be of any help to Dale.


Last, was Thormor Ironmaker.


Thormor, was one of the best captains of the Iron Islands. Skilled in both commanding and fighting, strong and brave. He belonged in Dale's personal guard once and practically raised him since his father's death. Always kind to him and his fellow men. But he also became odd since the Death of King Gromm. Dale never believed that Thormor had such foolish ambitions of becoming the Ruler of the Iron Islands. He and his ancestors didn't own a single piece of land, nothing more than a longship and the ability to crush heads with ease, just as his father Harl Ironmaker and his grandfather Erik Anvil-Breaker. Other than being close to Dale, Thormor was conveniently chosen by Theomore to command the other half of the Ironborn's army. Dale did not have a plan yet but couldn't do anything but call Thormor to his cabin on the Iron Victory the Flagship of the Iron Fleet that once his uncle Victarion Greyjoy commanded.
Dale spent his night in the captain's cabin, trying without success to get some rest. His biggest enemy was not his dire thoughts, but his urge for wine. A few cups would help him clear his head and sleep... Yes, that would be great. He got on his feet and walked towards the door. Then he stopped.
Hold yourself back Dale. he once again told to himself. This is not the time to roll back. Not now.
He took quill and paper and started to write.

Suddenly, the Door burst open. Dale could not tell if it was moments or hours ago since he sat on the chair and wrote the letters. In front of him was standing a tall, intimidating figure. Dale had just opened his eyes and his vision was still blur.


The first thing he recognized was the scar which lied where the man's right eye should be.

-When my eye reads that someone will be waiting for me, I expect food and wine. And that eye sees neither wine nor food in this cold cabin!
-I'm glad to see you too, Thormor.
-Well, I'm not! The Shadow Tower was a pile of horseshit as you know, but both the fact that I left it and the way me and my men did it was... Unpleasant as you lords would say.
-I know, that's why I called you here Thormor. We've got to talk about some serious matters my old friend.
Thormor huffed.
-Speak your mind, kid. What happened while ol' Thormor was at the Wall?
Dale explained the events since he and Theomore left Thormor behind at the Shadow Tower till the last day.

-So? aren't you relieved that he wont take you with him to walk the path to death? Are you afraid of what's going to happen to us when our King will die in the wilderness? We'll elect a new one, that's whats going to happen.
-If I am to continue my friend, I need to have your word that whatever we are going to discuss from now on, will stay between us.
-I ain't much of the talking fella Dale, you know that.
-You have to promise me that Thormor, there is a chance well be accused of treason.
-What are you talking about?
-Are you with me Thormor?
Thormor huffed once again, and came closed to Dale. His tone changed, and was now whispering. What are you planning to do Dale?

The same moment, at Castle Black.

It was a night colder than any other Lord Commander Jon Snow had ever lived through, with a wind stronger and more freezing than any other, even those he survived beyond the Wall, miles north from Castle Black. He mind was with his brothers who stood guard at the Wall, freezing to death as he once did before he became the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.
He cleared his window and looked the places where the guards should be. There was no sign of life. No sound, no motion.
I would not risk any movement at all if I was there too. he thought.
His look wandered away towards the yard. There was something there, a black spot on the fresh snow.
Brother! Are you alright?
No answer. Jon started running to his comrade and him suddenly moved.
You are a lucky bastard brother!
The man answered with a growl. The he stood up and turned to Jon Snow. Jon immediately recognized the blue eyes. He would never forget those eyes.
GUARDS! he yell while attacking the white walker.
Immediately more black figures made their entrance in the yards. Panic had already prevailed in the halls of Castle Black. The men of the Night's Watch fought their dead brothers who died in the unnatural cold. Though the greatest danger was not lying in their part of the Wall.


The battled raged on for hours. The army of the Night Walkers stood patiently from the other side, waiting for its outcome. Eventually, the dead outnumbered the living.



Shadow Tower had fallen the same time, and from there, the army of the Dead started its invasion on the lands of the North. The mountain clans were the first to fall; Winterfell was now very close.
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Westeros is doomed
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Chapter XIII

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Chapter XIII: Backstabs

Dale Greyjoy's Cabin.

Dale stopped Thormor.
-Shhh. Ya hear that?
-Something's happening.

Someone knocked the cabin's door.
-Captain! Captain! Open!
Dale stood up and opened the door. A sailor came in breathless.
-A sign m'lord! A sign!
-What are you talking about? Speak!
-Raven came from Castle Black. It has fallen. The whole wall, fallen to the dead.
-You can't be serious!1
-King Theomore says that its a sign proving that the greenlanders ways were wrong! His commands are to depart immediately and set his plans in motion.
-This is not a sign, these are the results!
-Results of what captain?
-Of terrible decisions. You delivered the orders, now get out of my sight!
Once the sailor exited the cabin Thormor punched the wooden door.
-Now what?
-Nothing changes Thormor. The plan remains the same. You and me will retake the Wall. It's our only chance to fight them. We let our boy play hero if he wants to, but we wont let him take everyone else with him on this path to death.
-And the letter?
-I'll make some changes and send it. With the latest turn of events, it will be easier to persuade Brandon Stark.
-Okay then. Good Luck my son.
Dale Greyjoy grabbed Thormor by the hand
-Are we doing the right thing?
-Finding out what is right and what is wrong is an easy task for men like you, son. The hard part is to accept the consequences of doing the right thing.


Riverrun, a day later

Brandon Stark finished reading the letter and left it open on the table, next to another two open letters. He ordered his bodyguards to carry him to his carriage, to round up the army and give the command to head back to the North. As his men lifted him up he stopped them.
"Burn those damn letters"

To the The Honorable Brandon III Stark. Lord Paramount of the North and Riverlands, Warden of the North.

My dear lord I really don't know what words to use. The Wall has fallen. Castle Black, the Shadow Tower, all. Your brother has fallen too, heroically battling the hordes of the undead. The Ironborn have betrayed your brother and deserted the Wall before the attack of the Others. What's left of the Vale and Reach armies stand with us. The smallfolk are evacuating the northern parts of the land, fleeing south. There's a great amount of refugees in Winterfell, more than we can feed. I have took the decision to send most of the to White Harbor and other castles of your land in order to distribute the burden. We are all waiting for your words and orders.

Yours, Jon Smalljon, Lord of Riverrun, Last Hearth and Master-at-Arms of the North

Lord Brandon Stark.

It is time we end this bloodshed. I have seen that blood and steel won't help reunite our torn Kingdom. I understand that the North and the Riverlands have taken arms against the Crown to help your son's Torren Stark wife. Elyana Lannister, your daughter-in-law is a vile serpent whose actions have brought the Seven Kingdom in the brink of total war once again.
Take your troops and march back home. Supporting a usurper like Elyana who used her husband, took arms against her family and then abandoned those who stood with her is a lost cause. She doesn't care if her husband -your son- rots in my cells. That's why she haven't respond to any of the letters I have sent to her in which I wrote down proposals after proposals -all generous- of peace.
Swear fealty to the crown once again and the crown shall be merciful. I am willing to offer pardons to everyone from the Riverlands to the Wall and release of course your son.
Do not spend your resources for a war long lost. Just order your troops to head back North. I will take care of that vermin that calls herself Lady of Casterly Rock.
Decline, and compromise with the Idea of never seeing again your son, alive nor dead. Believe me Brandon, he will suffer. Does it worth to lose your son in order to see a dwarf sitting on the Iron Throne?

Lythene Lannister, first of her name,
Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men
Lady of the Seven Kingdoms
Protector of the Realm



Most Honorable Brandon Stark.

By the time this letter reaches you, you must have heard on the news about the Wall. I'm deeply sorry for the loss of Lord Commander Jon Snow. I had the honor of meeting him and eating with him and his men under the same roof while I stayed on Castle Black.
We have not betrayed our part of the treaty we had with Lord Commander Jon Snow, Lord Lewis Buckler, Lord Willas "the Fowler" Tyrell and you. Our King has taken some wrong decisions in this war, but his goal is the same as yours I guarantee that. Defeating the army of the Dead is our top priority.
But yours ain't. It is time you set aside your plans on seeing your house on the Iron Throne, and come back to the North. Queen Lythene is not going to kill your son, you know that. He's more valuable than just "golden" prisoner. Killing him will reopen a wound that the Crown wants the whole realm of yours to forget. You have already lost two brothers from the White Walkers. Don't make the mistake to lose the rest of your family and the whole North to them too.
I can guarantee that the Ironborn will return and fight shoulder to shoulder with the people of the North once more. I know that in this dire times this is the only way. You understand what that means however for me. I cannot stand alone. Return to the North, and my men with fight with you, even if my King commands otherwise.

Dale Greyjoy, Lord Reaver of Pyke and Commander of the Iron Fleet.




Dale Greyjoy and Thormor Ironmaker did as they schemed. They turned their back to their King and set sail in different directions. Dale's Iron Victory touched the shores of Crow's Edge where they encountered small white walker's army.


Thormor and his men disembarked norther, near the Shadow Tower which they took control off and from there marched to Castle Black.


Theomore was left alone with his 1,800 men to chase the leader of the Others. He realized that his commanders had other plans pretty early but Urzen convinced him to carry on.
"He is here," He said to Theomore, "I can feel him. And he doesn't expect us. We have to strike now."
Thus Theomore did as his trusted Drowned Man said.

"I am the Scourge." He said and started his march to the heart of the frozen forest.

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check out my first aar: Last but not Least. An Ironborn AAR

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