Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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in reality the others would likely win
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Which reality of all?
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Every reality.
Lord Serry
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Chapter XIV

PostPosted by mitsosan » Thu Jul 27, 2017 16:45

Chapter XIV: King against King

Theomore turned his back to the pile of corpses.
"Burn them."


About one third of the initial force stood behind him; frozen, hungry and scared. General winter turned out to be a mightier foe than the Others, whose numbers were very small in these parts of the land beyond the Wall. Theomore and his Ironborn encountered less than a dozen groups of ghouls, few in number wandering around. Not a single sign of the white walker's leader was there. Most of the men realized that they were trapped in a frozen hell. Deserting was pointless as they had nowhere to go, and going on seemed the same.

Theomore on the other side was lost in his thoughts. When he had to talk, his men heard no more than a sentence or two coming out of his mouth. He could not find a reason for which his cousin betrayed him alongside with Thormor and disobeyed his orders, leaving him and his men alone in the edge of the world. It was not fear. They were asked to do the same thing they were doing for the past year. It was something else. Something more wicked than fear.

Urzen was leading the way, based on the visions he claimed to have seen. Every now and then he tried to talk to Theomore, in hope of bringing him round without success.


Few miles south of Castle Black.

The first part of the plan was successful. Dale and Thormor had retaken both the Shadow Tower and Castle Black. Dale emerged victorious in the battle of Crow's Edge but with heavy casualties. The surviving forces of the Reach and Vale garrisoned Last Hearth.
A portion of the Stark army that was transferred to the North with the few ships lord Brandon could use met with Dale's host. The rest of Brandon's forces would more than a month to reach the North by foot. Dale could not risk waiting for so long. It was time to strike; Strike the undead with all the force they could muster, now that their host was encircled as Dale and the Stark host was marching towards them from southwest, Jon Smalljon with the Reach and Vale from southeast and Tormor guarding the Wall and Castle Black from the North.


Scouts estimated that the enemy's army was much bigger in numbers, closing 70.000 "men". Dale's host was around 8.000 men, the same amount of men Thormor commanded from the North. The Starks managed to send 4.000 men with their ships and Smalljon left Last Hearth to join the battle followed by 7.000 men more or less, reachmen and valemen included. Dale knew that most of the enemy's army was made of ghouls who could be killed by ordinary steel. White Walkers on the other side could not be harmed by the same swords. Dragonglass was needed to kill them, and about a thousand mend held weapons made of that precious material, at best. They held null chances, but he was sure that this tactical situation was the best he could hope for. Leaving the army of the dead to march south would only help them grow bigger by the corpses of the people they would slay.


It was a night just like any other of the last year. Freezing. But as the phalanx closed, the atmosphere stated to change. Both the snow and the wind stopped. Despite this though the temperature kept falling and falling. Dale was familiar with this unnatural cold. It gave away the presence of White Walkers.
Dale's host arrived last on the battlefield as they were all foot soldiers.


He could see on the other side Smalljon with his many-flagged host, waiting for the signal to attack.


But the enemy was not waiting for them to attack. Hordes of ghouls charged at the northern front where Thormor Ironmaker had deployed his forces. The rattling sound of the ghouls met the warcry of the Ironborn.


Thormor's men defended their ground valiantly, as they repelled one wave after another.


Dale turned to his lieutenant.

"Blow the horn. It is time we take our place in the books of history. If any of us survives to write them"

Dale Greyjoy's and the Smalljon's host charged too at the mass of the undead. None of the men who unsheathed their weapons that moment had any hope of leaving this battlefield alive. They were running to their deaths, close to being unarmed. But it was the best the could do, to die fighting the doom. For most that was their last chance of dying in another way than starving or freezing to death.
Countless were the stories and songs written for this day. But no matter the talent nor the passion the artists had, the men who fought in that battle knew that the songs and stories were very far from the reality of that battle. There was no bravery nor valor in the hearts of the soldiers, just fear and despair bathed in rivers of blood and piles of bones.

On the other side of the Wall things were quiet. Theomore and his men were still walking deep in the frozen forests. The only sound other than the howl of the cold winds was that of boots stepping on snow. Theomore and his Drowned Man Urzen were leading the Ironmen, all with their weapons drawn as Urzen was constantly murmuring "They are close... They are close".
Theomore was homesick for the first time in months now. He thought of his home, Lonely Light and his Castle. He remembered the last time he felt warm inside his castle walls, when the sun was still on the sky. Back there he was a king, and soon to be a great one. Here, on the frozen wastes he was nothing more than a servant of the Drowned God, destined to fulfill His wishes. He didn't feel like a King anymore. How can someone call himself a King when there are only a few hundred men remaining to rule? When even your most trusted servants refuse to obey you? Not really that those few hundred men left were obeying orders by choice. Deserting now would equal certain death. Images of the beautiful sunset from Lonely Light filled his thoughts, together with his childhood dreams of sailing around the world, just like the great Ironborn Captains who reaved across the Narrow Sea for plunder and fame; just like his father when he left for the Great Reave and left him behind on his place.
His thoughts though were interrupted by a frozen spear that passed near his head.
With his axes in hand, he looked for the enemy in the darkness.


Come out you demons! COME AND MEET YOUR END!
There was no answer from the darkness. Only shadows moving fast. A second spear landed in front of his feet and Theomore tried to pull it in order to throw it back though the moment his arm touched it he felt a piercing pain through his body that shocked him. Urzen started whispering a prayer to the Drowned God. The men gathered up, back to back, as they too could not see a exactly where the enemy was. Some of them were shaking from the cold, other from fear.
Show yourselves you bastards! Theomore screamed once again.


There he was, the Night King. His crown seemed to be an extension of his skull and his armor black as death himself. He was taller than the rest of the Others who came out of the shadow with him, and the only one approaching. He jumped over a huge fallen log effortlessly, and in Theomore's eyes he looked like he was floating on the air. In mid-air he raised his hand and another spear was created out of thin air. He released the spear just as he touched the ground, and the spear landed in Urzen's chest.


He stood a few meters away from Theomore and raised his hand, pointing him. Around him a vile aura could be seen and felt; The trees and bushes were slowly bending and shrinking just the way your lungs shrink inside during the heavy frost. Urzen's lifeless body stood between the two of them, slowly painting with blood the snow around it.

Fair enough Theomore answered. I will fight you, King to King.
The Night King released a cry that rattled the frozen leaves of the trees around him and drew his enormous greatsword, which was also made of ice. Theomore removed his helm, his fur cape and heavy armor, throwing them at the ground behind him. He knew that his armor was of no use against his enemy. At the same time, his foe grabbed his sword with both hands, one at the grip and the other at the blade, placed it horizontally, and released another cry, which set his blade aflame with a fire of pale white color.


The Others that Theomore fought in the past were faster than an ordinary man, but this one was way faster than the rest of them. His blow found him on his left shoulder, and cut his skin like a hot knife cuts butter. Theomore did not look upon his wound, as he did not want to take his eyes off his foe. He quickly realized that the smallest mistake could not be afforded in this battle.


The Walker took turns between slow steps and instant charges on Theomore, which he could understand that these were attacks to test his defence. Theomore parried and evaded, but could not counter, as his foe quickly retreated at a safe distance after each hit. After a few strikes, Theomore's breath became heavier.
I am doomed at this rate. That was a bad moment to stand and think.


As he rolled right, he had to release the axe from his left grip. The Night King then grabbed it from the ground and threw it back at him.

"What is this? Mercy? You think you are better than me you demon? YOU FOOL! You shall not expect mercy nor pity from the Drowned God!
His veins were ready to explode from the rage.

He gathered whatever courage and strength remained in him and charged at the Night King, whose lips formed a crooked smile. His left axe came down vertically, getting parried, while his right, Stormcaller was swung horizontally from the right.


After a couple of fierce blows, Stormcaller landed on the chest, pierced it and penetrated at the place where a man's heart exists. It didn't penetrate deep, but enough.The Night King though did not vanish into dust, as the other White Walkers before him who were struck by Stormcaller. The Other fell down, letting out a shriek of pain that caused heavy pain on the ironborn's ears. Theomore quickly stoke a blow on his fallen enemy's arms, cutting his hand from his body. The Ironborn charged on the rest of the Walkers, with warcries of victory, chanting Theomore's name. The Night King was still alive, and after Theomore caught his breath, called for two men and a chain. He wrapped his foe with the heavy chains, and dragged him away while the rest of the Ironborn fought the retreating White Walkers.

Back on the other side of the Wall, the battle was still going on.

Thormor Ironmaker was giving his last battle next to Dale Greyjoy. Both bathed in their brother's-in-arms blood and their own sweat. At some point Thormor grabbed Dale by the arm.
"What are they doing Daleq?"
"It seems like they are retreating"
"You wanna play games now, you filths?" Thormor yell at a wight while crushing its skull.
"Something's happening. Do not chase them! Stand your Ground!"
Willas Tyrel came riding from the right flank, also bathed in blood, with most of his decorating his armor being torn apart.
"There's no point anymore on shouting orders, Greyjoy. It ends now. They are gathering back for their last assault. It ends here."
Dale fell down on his knees. He knew that the Tyrel was right. He knew it from the start.
"DAMN YOU THEOMORE! DAMN YOU! Damn you for we are dying, and damn you for we are dying as traitors!"
"Stop crying like a little bitch boy!" Thormor yelled as he slapped him in the face.
"Stand up and die with dignity"

Back at Bay of Ice, Frozen Shores.

"You are not mine to kill. You belong to the Drowned God. His is the victory against darkness, against the minions of the Thunder God, and the Thunder God himself. That's why I cannot grant you no mercy nor pity.
What Is Dead May Never Die."

Spoiler: show
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Holy tits and wine! I'm gonna do some reading tonight! I legimititely thought this was dead, the last posts having been over a year ago. Which begs the question... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN lol?
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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JDSweet wrote:Holy tits and wine! I'm gonna do some reading tonight! I legimititely thought this was dead, the last posts having been over a year ago. Which begs the question... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN lol?

Hahahah. Long time no see eh?
I will finish this, for sure. Im working 12 hours per day though and still trying to get my masters, so this is gonna be a long one. But the Bloodshores playthrough has a long story to tell now that Theomore is a damn legend
check out my first aar: Last but not Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Bon petit AAR ^^
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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Chapter XV

The War for Dawn was won at last. The White Walkers left for the lands of always winter and took with
them both the endless night and the merciless winter.

Westeros was at peace again, though a fragile one. Lythene emerged victorious from the civil war
against Elyana Lannister and the Starks and kept her husband Torren Stark, who was captured by Tywin Kenning as a prisoner in the dungeons of the red keep.
She knew that she could not punish the Starks for supporting Tyrion's daughter since the Iron Throne
lacked both the men and resources for the time being. Similarly, Brandon's North was very weakened by the
invasion of the dead, the war in the south and the Winter more than the Iron Throne, so Brandon bent
the knee and awaited in Winterfell for a more suiting situation to make his next move.

For the same reasons, the Iron Isles remained an independent kingdom without any hindering from the
mainland. Few people outside the Iron Isles believed the tale of Theomore emerging victorious against
the Night King and sacrificing him to the Drowned God. In the eyes of the greenlanders Theomore had
betrayed his allies and the Night's Watch by deserting the Wall, so Dale Greyjoy's independent actions
kinda kept the for the Iron Island's honor. Only those who survived the frontlines, The Veterans
of the "Second War" as they called them, understood that Theomore had something to do with their
victory. The great battle seemed lost from the beginning, and the sudden collapse of the ghouls was for
sure not the living's army action.
The Starks allowed the Iron Fleet to keep the supplies they gave them for the War's purposes. They were few, but enough for the return of Theomore's army. Dale knew that this wasn't a notion of kindness from Brandon Stark, but just a smart measure to keep the hungry Ironborn from reaving the North's coasts.
Theomore ordered his fleet to set sail for Pyke. Even though Lonely Light was the seat of the King and
despite Gromm's expansion of both the harbor and the castle, Pyke remained the greatest city and port
of the Kingdom as well as the base of the Iron Fleet.

The smallfolk gathered to welcome back their king and men, and prepared a celebration which lasted for two days. The people were as joyful as they could be, and danced with their hearts, but the feast was poor; Ale was served with hesitation, wine was almost nowhere to be found and the meat stale, but it didn't keep the smallfolk away from
celebrating the victory.

Theomore's arrival was half a day later than his army, which was lead by Dale Greyjoy. The letter which Theomore sent to him was nothing more than the order to set sail for Pyke, which made Dale anxious. He could not predict what his king's punished would be for disobeying his orders. Even though it was not his home, when Pyke was seen on the horizon Theomore's heart instantly filled with relief. It was time to wear his father's crown again,and rule the Kingdom of the Ironborn. It was three days after his coronation when he sailed with his fleet from Pyke to fight the undead so he didn't actually had any time to actually rule. His father had left him behind on his position when he left for the great Reave, but now things were different.

Damn it fells like decades ago. He thought.


Even though celebrations started many hours ago, upon Dale Greyjoy's arrival, Theomore's landing was thundering. Masses gathered on the port and cheered his name as they carried him all the way up to the castle where the lords and captains were feasting on the great hall. Upon entering, Theomore immediately looked for his cousin, Dale but the Seastone Chair was empty.


Dale was sitting on a table with the other lords, instead of sitting where he should be, as the Lord Captain of Pyke. He rose, walked to Theomore, and fell down on his knees in front of his king. It wasn't a kneel like the one lords do to their kings. He fell on his both knees, not one. He was asking for forgiveness, not showing loyalty. The whole hall stood in silence as people were awaiting for Theomore's reaction.

"My titles, belongings and most of all my life are now at your hands my King. I disobeyed you and showed disloyalty at times where loyalty, faith and bravery was most needed. I have not served you well. I have let you down, and cannot even ask for forgiveness".

"Rise, Dale. Your actions didn't lack neither faith nor bravery. What we fought against up there required both of them. We and our people are alive, and that's what matters now. You did not run away. You did what you thought best for our people, not yourself".

Theomore grabbed Dale and hugged him tightly.

"Don't even think of disobeying my orders ever again". He whispered on his cousin.

"Today is a day of celebration, not punishment. Feast, dance and sing brothers! For we battled the great storm but there are many waves yet to ride. The seas await us, to reap and plunder!"

Theomore then took his seat among the other lords and captains of the Iron Islands, and joined the feast. Everyone had a story to share and no one missed his chance to do it. The ironborn loved to share tales of boldness and killings after their campaigns. The king was not impressed though. He wasn't listening, but he kept looking his lords, soldiers and smallfolk, and pitied them. The smallfolk were skinny and dirty, and the lords were eating and drinking as if they were kept hungry and thirsty for weeks. The place was in no good condition either. Dale read his cousin's thoughts.

"There are many matters to be attended now that we are back to normal. Things will change, but not overnight"
"You know I always liked your house's words. We do not Sow. In these words lie the true nature of the ironborn. We only reap. This is the Old Way. The only way to keep us and those people fed and with a standard of dignity. My father brought wealth, fame and power by returning our people to the Old Way. But we fought this war and did not bring anything back, so here we are again. In misery."
"You see misery in such a great celebration?"
"No, not today. But i see misery tomorrow. After the drinking, dancing and fucking, people will see the sun again and stay happy. But after a few days they will see that there's nothing more here, besides salt, rock and a few fish. Then misery will return."
"So, you wanna repeat your father's Great Reave?"
"Of course I will. We all have to pay the Iron Price, but in time. We have to give the men some rest, let the captains tend to their castles and fleets. I also have to find a proper rock wife before we depart."
"So, you are planning of having salt wives too little cousin eh?" Dale said with a smile on his face.
Theomore did not return the kinky smile.
"I am. As the only son of my father, I have to ensure the Bloodshore family will grow bigger and continue."
"You also have to do another thing."
"And what is this?"
"Your father did many things, but did not find what his house's words should be".
"I should sometime. I have to find something that looks nice on gold."
"Why on gold?"
"Well, the Iron Islands are independent now, we should have our own currency cut now, and get rid of the golden dragons" Theomore said while grabbing a huge pork leg to bring on his plate.
"Indeed. Cutting your own coins is a true manifestation of royal authority. Not that you are in need of some now."

Theomore didn't bother to respond. He took a good bite of the fine-roasted pork and then licked his fingers. After he was done with his first chunk, he nodded to get his cup filled with ale.

"I will depart for Lonely Light tomorrow. Tell the captains that they have a moon's turn time to repair their ships and do whatever they have to do to get their men back in good condition. After that time, ill summon them to Lonely Light. We'll discuss the details later."
"I was planning on being drunk for that much time after our arrival home."
"If you can do both it's fine by me. Also, find me a wife."
"Damn you, Theomore. I'll have to find you a woman, which you will be banging the whole time, while I'll be overseeing the repairs of the Iron Fleet, training the men, and staying sober. Maybe I should've cut my own head myself than leaving it to you."
"You know that I wont spend my whole time trying to have an heir."
"Ah, yes I forgot. You're gonna be praying to the seas also."
"Maybe you should too. You owe your life to the Drowned God after all."
"Don't bother thinking your house's words. I found them already. Mood fockers."
"Stop drinking you fool".
check out my first aar: Last but not Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Re: Last but no Least. An Ironborn AAR

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Started yesterday before class, and I knew I had to finish it. This was enjoyable. I seriously hope you continue it.
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