Detecting a certain disease (Cancer)

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Detecting a certain disease (Cancer)

PostPosted by dogsplace » Sat Oct 31, 2015 20:33

Hello everyone, just thought i would bring you the latest news on a new breakthrough on cancer by Dutch researchers.

Which allows them to discover cancer by using only one blood drop, it'll allow them to determine where the cancer started or if it's been sowed to other organs.

I've included a link below which will tell you the premise of it I
(Here's a english version of a dutch article i found: )

Now, let's just hope we'll release this to every country and not just selling it to the major countries. (hooray money driven society)

Just thought i would inform you all, since it's only been a few days since the breakthrough. (And making good use of the off topic forum)
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Re: Detecting a certain disease (Cancer)

PostPosted by Max14354 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 22:19

Very interesting. But this would only work if it had already spread to your blood right?
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