GOT Coat of Arms in Regular CK2

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GOT Coat of Arms in Regular CK2

PostPosted by ryfr9941 » Sun Nov 01, 2015 21:15

I love the Coat of Arms in the GOT Mod. However, I really enjoy the original CK2. I've been tinkering around for a while now and was wondering if there was anyway to upload the GOT coat of arms to regular CK2, independent of the overhaul, like when creating a custom character or editing other houses coat of arms. Whenever I try it, the coat of arms get all squashed and show multiple on one shield. PLEASE HELP! Thanks
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Re: GOT Coat of Arms in Regular CK2

PostPosted by Rabid Bogling » Mon Nov 02, 2015 14:49

Have you set the number of frames in coat_of_arms.txt? Refer to the mod's version of that file. There will be an X and Y value under each set that you'll need to copy over. That just says how many individual, 128x128 coats of arms there are in the image file listed above, starting at 0.
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Re: GOT Coat of Arms in Regular CK2

PostPosted by DiegoFBLima » Sun May 21, 2017 02:59

Hello guys, did you manage to do it? I'm totally new to this stuff, but i would ask if its possible to share with me how to do it if you managed to get it working.

Thanks in advance
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